How To Sort Your Kids’ Halloween Candy Like An Expert


After along night of trick or treating, your little ghouls have brought in the loot. Now, to prevent some candy induced energy-boosts and tummy-aches, you need to take away some of those candies, yet leaving them some to enjoy. Here’s how to make the right choice. Easiest Upgrade: Peanut butter cups Healthiest Chocolate: Mini dark chocolates Best for Allergies: Gummies … Read more

18 Last Minute Spooky DIY Halloween Jewelry

Halloween is here and if you still don’t have a costume and don’t even plan on making one, there is a way to be a part of the ghoulish fun by wearing some Halloween jewelry. And you don’t even have to spend money on something you’ll wear only one night, thanks to these fast and easy Halloween … Read more

13 Easy And Amazing Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

After spending all the time and energy on making costumes for the kids, who has time to make costumes for themselves? Luckily, good make-up can be just as good as a costume and here are 13 tutorials for an amazing Halloween makeover. Vampire Diaries Tutorial via Scared Pirate Princess Tutorial via Medusa Tutorial via Broken Bleeding … Read more