How To Sort Your Kids’ Halloween Candy Like An Expert

After along night of trick or treating, your little ghouls have brought in the loot. Now, to prevent some candy induced energy-boosts and tummy-aches, you need to take away some of those candies, yet leaving them some to enjoy. Here’s how to make the right choice.

Easiest Upgrade: Peanut butter cups


Healthiest Chocolate: Mini dark chocolates


Best for Allergies: Gummies


Best Savory Bite: Popcorn


 Top Treat for Teeth: Gum


Candy To Keep: Lollipops, Candy-covered nuts, chocolate covered raisins


Which Candy To Throw Away: Hard candies, Taffy and Caramel candies


There is one reason why Halloween is a dream come true for the kids and nightmare for the parents: the treats. All night long candy keeps flowing into our kids’ bags and by the end of the holiday, they are left with a mountain of sugary treats that they can’t wait to devour. And we are left with hyperactive monsters or sick kittens.

As parents, we need to take away the candy without looking like monsters ourselves. The solution, sort out the good from the realy bad candy, leaving the kids still something sweet to eat without the fear of overdoing it. So, remember this list and  everyone will have a happy Hallowen. You can read in detail about the reason behind these choices as well as great tips on preventing your kids to overdose on candy on this site.

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