20 Astonishing Quilling Artworks By Yulia Brodskaya

Quilling has been around for centuries. It is a form of paper art where you use small strips of colored paper and manipulate to create different shapes that can be turned into images, decorative pieces or even jewelry. Today quilling is mostly used for creating fun, unusual jewelry, but a skilled quilling artist can create artistic … Read more

The Most Adorable Recreations Of 23 Disney’s Princesses

Every child loves watching Disney movies, but little girls especially love the Disney’s princesses. They are their first models for beauty, kindness and modesty. But Disney’s princess are not only inspirational for little girls, but for many artists as well. There have been countless recreations of these fabled beauties, but they usually keep them at the … Read more

Remember The Mothers: 26 Retro Photographs Of A Motherly Love

A mother’s love is endless and timeless. It never diminishes and it doesn’t change. The care, affection and protection that only a mother can give to her child is the same no matter the race, social standing, nationality or time period. These photographs of mothers sharing tender moments with their children have been unearth by the … Read more