What exactly is vabbing?

Vabbing-Is the (literal) key to seduction within us? Some people believe so…

What is Vabbing?

TikTok can sometimes be a treasure trove, revealing your following healthy recipe or new favorite workout. You can imitate celebrities’ lifestyles and learn new skills to improve your health and well-being. However, some of the viral trends on these social networks are a little more… unconventional than others. Vabbing is one such phenomenon. Have you ever heard of this one? Buckle up for a wild ride as medical professionals and sex experts weigh in on the latest wild trend

So, what exactly is Vabbing?

You may have raised an eyebrow or two if you recently came across a video tagged with the buzzword “vabbing” (aka vagina dabbing) on your For You Page. Don’t worry if you’re perplexed — you’re not alone. Vabbing is essentially the practice of dabbing a few drops of your own vaginal fluid on pulse points on your body as a kind of perfume to help people attract potential partners. And now, some TikTok users are convinced that the gym is the best place to try out this trend.

Although it has grown in popularity as a result of everyone’s favorite , video-sharing app TikTok, it is not a new phenomenon. Vabbing, also known as vaginal dabbing, is the practice of strategically placing the vaginal fluid in key areas such as behind the ear or on the wrists. Advocates believe that this is a possible way to become more appealing to romantic and sexual interests.

Vabbing had already been discussed in books before going viral online, but TikTok has brought the concept to the masses. Mandy Lee, a TikToker, was the first to introduce vabbing to social media, and now more and more women are sharing stories of men falling at their feet due to the unconventional seduction method. TikToker and YouTuber Palesa Moon explains how the strategy drove her blind date insane in one video, while a prominent advocate of vabbing Jewliah claims men are buying her gifts and showering her with compliments. Is any of it true?

How does thought vabbing work?

Vabbing is based on the pheromone theory. Pheromone research is familiar, and the study of human chemical communication has received a lot of attention. It was once thought that all mammals, including humans, could attract a mate of the same species by secreting signals via scent. However, its role in humans is still unknown and unproven. Scientists are skeptical of a human’s ability to process pheromone signals without a functioning vomeronasal organ (a sensory organ found in the roof of the mouth of many animals.) Although research has shown that pheromones do not work the same way in humans as they do in animals, Tracey Cox, a renowned sex and relationship expert, believes vabbing could work on a psychological level. Tracey, author of several best-selling books, including Great Sex Starts At 50: How To Age-Proof Your Libido, first wrote about a similar technique to vabbing in her first book, published 22 years ago.

Tracey agrees that the pheromone effect of vaping is invalid, but she sees it as a placebo. I believe it helps attract a mate for psychological reasons,’ she told Women’s Health UK. It gets your mind in the right frame of mind. It’s a conscious acknowledgment to yourself that “yes, I want sex.”

As a result, you interact with people differently. You’re more seductive.’ Tracey explains that once you commit to vaping, you go out with a higher level of confidence, encouraging you to make more eye contact and exude sexuality, which has the desired effect of attracting a mate.

‘I am all for anything that helps women feel more positive, confident, and empowered towards their bodies, specifically their genitals,’ says sex and relationship therapist Jodie Slee. If vaping helps women realize that their natural body odour is normal and attractive, then I’m all for it.’

What are the health consequences of vabbing?

Whatever your feelings are on the subject, if you want to try vaping, you must practice good hygiene. The ‘rules of vabbing’ have been widely disseminated, and they include:

  • Hand washing both before and after
  • Not allowing ‘vabbed’ areas to come into contact with anything or anyone
  • Cleaning gym equipment before and after use
  • If you’re on your period or have a STI, avoid vabbing.
  • If you suspect an unusual or foul odor, make an appointment with a professional.

When asked about the trend, Clinical GP and Female Health Specialist Dr. Hana Patel said, ‘Normal vaginal secretions do not smell and are not offensive or stained.’ So, if you decide to get up close and personal with vaping and notice that the smell isn’t what you expected, it could be a sign that you should see a professional.


‘Conditions such as a vaginal infection, a STI, pregnancy, and the menstrual cycle can all affect the odor of vaginal discharge,’ says Dr Patel. If you are concerned that your vaginal secretions are abnormal, I would advise you to seek medical attention.

Dr. Patel also cautions that vaping could have negative health consequences. ‘There is the possibility of infection. Our skin contains bacteria and fungi, and disturbing the vagina’s natural balance can result in a localized infection. If you do decide to vape, avoid any broken skin, the areas around your eyes, and anything near your mouth.’

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All that remains is to decide whether to vab or not to vab?