The Latest Trend in Wedding Photography

In today’s social media-oriented society, couples are no longer content with traditional wedding photography. Posed photos, subtle black and white scenes, as well as cliché picture-perfect photos are no longer modern enough for client’s Instagram and Facebook feeds. They demand more than the standard glamourized photos with a soft wash. Luckily, photojournalistic wedding photography can transform one’s beautiful but dull wedding photos, into something memorable, and guaranteed to obtain those coveted “likes.”

What is Photojournalistic Wedding Photography?

Photojournalistic wedding photography is the opposite of standardized wedding photography. Instead of directing and setting up scenes for the “perfect photo,” photojournalistic wedding photographers simply let the wedding take place naturally. They are known for capturing natural shots as they occur in the moment, revealing a type of realism not seen in other types of photography. The photos may not be flawless, but they capture the mood, emotion, and atmosphere of the wedding. In other words, the photos will be the most authentic and true-to-life representation of the wedding day.

However, photojournalistic wedding photographers will also provide posed family photos, upon request.

One of the benefits of photojournalistic wedding photography is that it is perfect for wedding guests or even couples who hate having their photo taken. An experienced photojournalist will make guests forget that they are being photographed, with natural and joyous photos as the final result.

How to Find the Perfect Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

Choosing a photojournalistic wedding photographer is now easier than ever.

At first, the sheer volume of available photographers can be overwhelming. However, this can be process can be simplified by simply asking friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations.

Next, it is possible to look at various journalistic wedding photography websites, which often include portfolios. In addition, many photographers now have their own social media pages, which contain many examples of their work. Asking the photographer for references is also perfectly acceptable.

Finally, ensure that the photographer has worked or been trained in the photojournalism field. As opposed to simply taking candid photos, experienced photojournalists know how to tell a complete story in pictures, allowing viewers to relive the event.

Cost of Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Although it may be tempting to choose a cheaper wedding photographer, it is important to remember that one wants to remember their special day. Out of focus, badly lit, and unflattering photos can ruin one’s experiences and memories for years to come. Remember, these photos will become keepsakes for generations to come.  In the long run, wedding photography is a worthwhile investment.

In 2019, the latest cost of wedding photography was $2,500 CAD for 10-12 hours of photography. Approximately 33% of studios charge approximately $4,000 CAD.

A recent Price Survey of over 50 Greater Toronto Area (GTA) studios revealed that average prices are between $2,500 and $3,000 CAD. Prices begin from $2,000 and range up to $8,000 CAD.

These prices are often applicable to photojournalistic wedding photography as well. For example, an experienced photojournalistic wedding photographer in Chicago often offer complete packages beginning at $3,600 USD. This often includes unlimited hours during the wedding itself, colour corrected final photos, a USB drive of photos, basic retouching, with additional retouching for $20 USD per photo, and insurance.

Many photographers offer custom packages, as well as offering a la carte services. Do not hesitate to call and inquire about services.

Time is the biggest factor in price. The longer the photographer must shoot, the more expensive the services will be. In addition, hours after midnight or outside of the photographer’s geographical regions will cost extra as well. 8-10 hours of shooting is average.

Secondly, the number of photographers required will affect cost as well. Adding a second photographer will often cost approximately $500 CAD to an original package.

Thirdly, the photographers experience, reputation, and type of equipment will also affect the price as well.

Lastly, travel costs will add to the original amount as well. However, if one is getting married in a small town, as opposed to alarge city, consider hiring a local photographer. This will save on travel costs, and these photographers often charge lower rates than those in the big city.

Additional Photography Costs

Additions, such as engagement sessions and photo albums will add to the cost of photojournalistic wedding photography. Engagement sessions can range from $500-$1,000 CAD. Additional costs will be applied for large prints and retouching as well.

Many photographers offer USD or CD prints of shots, which can be reprinted oneself, if one does not want to spend additional money of a wedding album.

Various photojournalistic wedding photographers are available in most major North America cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. Do not hesitate to contact one today.

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