Create your Very Own Baby Shower Gift Basket with These Tips

If a good friend of yours is expecting and you want to give them a unique baby shower gift, we have the perfect solution with a customized baby gift basket. This is made much easier with online shopping, and with a single baby gift store, you can source everything you need to put together a unique gift basket.

Sourcing the Basket

Obviously, you want a basket with the capacity to hold all of the items you choose, and after you have chosen the gifts, you can calculate the size of the basket. A nice wicker basket with a central handle is ideal, and baskets can be sourced online, which eliminates human contact, important during the global Covid-19 pandemic. You may well have an old gift basket in the attic or spare room, which will save you some money.

Themed Baskets

You could theme the gift basket for bed or bath-time, including lotions, creams and wipes, or you could choose outdoor clothing, with a beanie, mittens and a swaddle set. For a wide range of unique baby gifts, shop here and you will find everything you need, and make sure you order with enough time to arrange your gift package. Many online retailers will personalize baby gifts, which really does add a new dimension, and baby will soon recognize his or her name.

Arranging the Basket

Once you have the items to be included, decide upon a form of bedding, which will be laid in the basket, with the items placed on top of that. Coloured paper cut into thin strips is a good idea – blue or pink – which can match the ribbon you will add as the finishing touch. Straw is another good filler, or cotton wool if you want to add an Xmas touch, while a pink or blue background color is advised. You can fill out the bottom of the basket with crumpled-up newspaper before laying the bed, which elevates everything. Here are a few important safety aspects when buying toys for baby, which is very informative.

Finishing Touches

Once the basket is ready, you could wrap the entire thing in cling-film, which will protect the contents from dirt and dust, then wind colored ribbon completely around the basket handle, adding a few ribbon rosettes and perhaps baby’s name on the side for that final personalized touch. It might turn out that the baby shower is cancelled due to the current Covid-19 situation, in which case, you can deliver the gift basket to the new mum, and if the baby shower is going ahead, make sure you wear a mask and observe social distancing rules.

When the recipient sees the basket, she will be overjoyed, and the fact that you took the time and effort to acquire all the items and create the basket gift, will not be overlooked. You will also have a sense of accomplishment that you created the gift by souring separate essentials and theming them with some personalization.

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