3 Home Design Projects for Any Budget

The New Year has come and gone, hints of Spring are in the air, and the latest interior design magazines are on every shelf displaying the latest 2020 trends. Whether you’ve been feeling the need to reinvigorate your home for quite some time, or you’ve been hit with recent wave of inspiration, many of us homemakers are eager to get our hands on these new, can’t-miss projects.

And now’s the perfect time to dive in! The weather is becoming more and more favorable as winter storms and sub-freezing temperatures begin to fade, meaning you can start outdoor renovations and count on a steady timeline that’s set for completion prior to entertaining Easter guests and hosting a backyard egg hunt.

When an occasionally chilly day does roll through, that’s the perfect time to bundle up inside and start tackling small projects, like organizing your kitchen, just in time for a full Spring clean.

The only challenge? Bringing your abode into the new decade when you’re working on a budget that’s meant to last all year. Let’s face it, home renovation can cost quite the (pretty!) penny—but it doesn’t necessarily have to!

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to break the bank to spend some time and attention redesigning your special space. Take a look at these easy design projects that, although small, can deliver big change with powerfully effective results.

1. Quick Bedroom Pick-Me-Up

Too many of us fall into the belief that redesigning a kid, teen, or master bedroom requires a huge time commitment and money drain. Everything has to come off the walls, you need an alternative place to sleep while waiting for the room to fumigate—unless you get zero VOC paint—potentially impacting the quality of sleep on the rest of the family, and the purchase price of the new armoire you’ve had your eye on is enough to bust your budget alone.

What if you took a different approach and made a few changes that lend an entirely new feel, at a much lower price tag? Rearranging is free of charge and can transform any environment to feel like an all-new living space.

If rearranging doesn’t do the trick alone, browse discount luxury bedding that can turn a bedroom into an oasis at a fraction of the cost. The bed is typically the single largest item in any bedroom, meaning it commands the most attention and changing its appearance is the closest thing next to painting the walls. Plus, the high-quality thread count can promote sounder sleep than you ever knew possible, so that you awake each morning feeling restored and ready to take on the day. That’s what we call a worth-while investment!

2. Creating Space Where It Didn’t Exist

As you begin to make micro-adjustment to the bedroom, consider your spatial arrangement throughout the entire home. What areas feel cramped? Where looks a little cluttered? These spaces might have an opportunity for design optimization.

The kids’ playroom is a great example; is there ever enough storage space? Maybe not, but there is a long list of affordable DIYs you can make to organize and store their favorite items. Remember, hooks and hardware are your best friend—if you’re tight on space, make sure to hang anything and everything you can up against the wall.

3. Cutting Down the Price of Custom Wall Art

It seems like 2020 is the year destined to see abstract wall art in modern homes across the country, which can be way too expensive for many homeowners renovating on a budget. If you can’t afford to visit the Jackson Pollock studio, the good news is that you can still add splashes of color and visually exciting elements to blank spaces by yourself spending hardly anything at all.

We’ve gone over the many different ways you can use washi tape for interior decorating, including the creation of geometric shapes, make-shift headboards, spruced up doors, and so much more. But get creative and go beyond with your wall art using pieces of cloth, 3D circles, old books, antique spoons, or whatever strikes your fancy!

Renovating your home is fun and exciting—even when operating on a budget. Read through the blog for inspiration on all your decoration needs!

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