How to Organize Your Kitchen Properly

If it’s time to organize your kitchen space, the best way to figure out how to do it is to think about how you use it. Throw away everything you don’t use anymore and start focusing on items that are really important. The kitchen needs to be functional and organized, so once you’ll have all that stuff in place, you’ll feel more comfortable cooking in it.

Kitchen Pantry

Baskets and containers are the best way to keep your food organized in your pantry. Organizing your baskets by group, like bread, snacks, pasta, etc., will make it easier for you to find it. Also, another simple way to keep them organized, especially if you’re in a rush is to put labels on each basket. When it comes to organizing your kitchen, setting up a budget from the beginning might be helpful if you don’t want to waste your money on things you eventually might not need. For example, Wesley Ward and the team at Hausera mentioned, “For renovations in the next two years, homeowners said they plan to spend an average of more than $13,000 per room for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room remodel.” This information was gathered from their 2019 “The Truth About Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations”.

Keep Everything at Eye-Level

Yet again, the intention here is to make everything easier for you. Store the food you’re using daily in the middle of your pantry. This way, you’re making sure you’re keeping it at your eye-level. On the top or bottom shelves, place the lesser-used things.

Keep Baking Ingredients in Containers

What is the first word that comes in your mind when you open the doors of your pantry? Chaos. Yes, it’s actually very normal to many people, yet it might be stressful to see all these ingredients scattered everywhere. Plastic containers might be a solution in restraining pantry chaos. Not only it helps you to keep everything organized, but it also keeps your food fresh and avoids spilling and messes. Depending on your choice, plastic or glass containers are a good idea to store snacks, sugar, cereal, nuts, flour, etc.

Kitchen Cabinets

You may not care about what’s behind the cabinet doors, until you try to pull out a single tool and, bang! Everything’s on the floor. Sometimes, the size of the cabinets can be small. However, a brilliant idea to maximize space for your cooking tools is to hang hooks on the inside of a cabinet door. Whatever you want to hang inside of the cabinet door works, the point is to create extra space, so you no longer have to keep them all over the countertop of your kitchen.

Kitchen Drawers

You might think you can store all your kitchen tools in one drawer, but it’s actually easier if you separate them, considering the fact that the shape it’s not equal. Use dividers inside your drawers or small bins – it’s absolutely necessary for keeping organized things like serving utensils.

Start Organizing Today!

Once you have everything under control and as handy as possible, you’ll feel wonderful in your kitchen. Sometimes, it can take several days or weeks to organize everything perfectly, but don’t stress out! There’s plenty of time for you to do it as you wish if you take it slow and don’t rush with anything. Remember, the point is to make it look clean and feel comfortable as you prepare your favorite meals.

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