17 Cheap And Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Space With Washi Tape

Have you heard of Washi Tape? It’s that simple and decorative tape that will “spice” things a little bit.

I often use it to “fulfil” an empty wall. The free space in my kitchen is decorated with Washi Tape. I was so into this cheap way of decorating that my husband felt worried. I was always on my tablet looking for new decorative ideas.

When there was no empty space on the walls, I started decorating the other things. Now I’m not so much into them because I don’t want to overuse them again.

Warning: They are extremely addictive. Once you start with these, it will be tough for you to quit.

These pictures will give you a pretty good idea what you can do with the washi tape.

1. Washi Tape Geometric Heart


Tutorial via homeyohmy.com

2. Washi Tape Headboard

Washi Tape Headboard

Tutorial via thesurznickcommonroom.com

3. Washi Tape Art Cotton Candy Heart


Tutorial via thingsdeeloves.com

4. Washi Tape Light Switch

Washi Tape Light Switcha

Tutorial via morningcreativity.com

5. Washi Taped Decorative Closet Doors


Tutorial via almostmakesperfect.com

6. Washi Tape Photo Frame

Washi Tape Photo Frame

Tutorial via marielyvp.blogspot.mk

7. Washi Tape Lantern

washi lantern top view

Tutorial via acasarella.net

8. Washi Tape Party Decor


Tutorial via estefimachado.com.br

9. Instagram Wall With Washi Tape


Tutorial via sandyalamode.com

10. Fun Ceiling Fan


Tutorial via inmyownstyle.com

11. Washi Tape Faux Stained Glass


Tutorial via prettyography.com

12. Washi Tape Mirror Frame


Tutorial via abeautifulmess.com

13. Washi Tape Geometric Door Design


Tutorial via crabandfish.blogspot.mk

14. Honeycomb Wall Decor


Tutorial via idlehandsawake.com

15. Washi Drawers


Tutorial via scrapinspired.com

16. Washi Tape Lamp Shade


Tutorial via domestically-speaking.com

17. Washi Wallpaper


Tutorial via brit.co

It really is beautiful!

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