5 Advantages Of Bulk SMS Marketing

Text messaging has been around since the ’90s (SMS technology was developed in 1992) making it ancient by today’s fast-paced marketing standards but has suddenly become the marketing weapon of choice amongst savvy marketers and business owners due to its impressive ability to instantly engage customers which is one of the top challenges facing most … Read more

Urbul CBD Review

There has been a lot of talk regarding CBD in the past years. With the new Farm Bill passing and the legalization of CBD sales in the US, countless CBD companies have emerged. Many of them trying to capitalize on new and uneducated customers, claiming their products are real. Society has finally debunked the myths … Read more

10 Most Practical Fall Leaf Clean Up Tools

Everyone loves the colors of the autumn, especially the colorful leaves. But then not all are looking forward to cleaning the leaves as it can be hard work. To make things easier, we laid out for you a list of top 10 most practical fall leaf clean up tools. They will make the entire operation … Read more

A Real Pain in the Neck – How Cannabis Can Treat Nerve Pain

There has been extensive research which suggests that cannabis can be used to treat a wide number of conditions. Attention has focused to how medicinal marijuana can help treat nerve pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, according to This syndrome normally results in numbness in the hand, along with associated feels of tingling and nerve … Read more