Are Toddler Bed Rails Safe Enough? Things to Know about Toddler Bed

Transferring your kid to a bigger bed is actually a bittersweet experience. You might be excited about the milestone but it is really difficult to keep them safe, particularly the ones that can climb out of the cribs. Most of the parents are worried that their toddler is going to roll out of bed. This is the reason they consider rails. However, they are often confused as to whether they are safe or not. The answer is yes.

You should know that there is a difference between rails which come attached to the toddler beds and the bed rails that are portable. The portable ones can be purchased separately and should be used either with adults or children. Experts have to say that portable bed rails should only be used for children between 2-5 years of age. Moreover, you should choose a bedrail which has specifically been designed for children.

U.S. CPSC or the Consumer Product Safety Commission has acquired a safety standard for child portable bed rail since 2012 because of the reports of injury and death caused by them. CPSC has to say that bed rails shouldn’t be used for children below 2 years. In order to buy the best bedrail, you should follow

The primary use of this to keep the child safe. There are various kinds of bed rails to be found in the market. There are a few factors that you need to consider when you purchase a toddler bed rail.

Full Bed vs. Half Bed

The bed rails for full sizes bed guards the bed from top to bottom. These are the most common ones that are used. It will keep your baby from tumbling down the bed. Moreover, it will provide assistance in taking out the toddler from the bed. On the other hand, half sized bed rails will help the kid to stand up on the bed all by themselves. These are available in different designs which will make the toddler happy and sleep in the crib.

In case you want to transform a crib to toddler bed, you will get rails of the right size. All you require is kit for crib conversion. Make sure that you give an appropriate bed rail specification.

Kinds of Bed Rails

You will find different kinds of bed rails in the market. However, two of them are most common. Bed rails have bars and included in the toddler bed the ones which come with the conversion kit. Make sure that the bars are places few inches apart. Also, it should not be very large as your child might stick out their head through it. You will find bed rails having mesh screens. Your child is not going to fall through this. Also, they are not going to get suffocated. You can make the screen interesting by inserting the favorite theme or cartoon of your child.

Available Features and Materials

Bed rails for toddler are generally made from metal, wood or plastic. Frames made of metal known to be strong and will last long if you have a setting of mesh design. You will also have half-plastic rails which are built on it. Usually, nursery furniture is made from wood. In case you want have something matching the nursery set, it is better to get a wood made bed rail. Moreover, wooden rails are more durable and are going to last for years to come.

Some of the bed rails are available with some additional features such as pouch for keeping things. Look for features which you think will be convenient for you.

  • Bed rails that are collapsible. Hence, fold it up when you are not using it.
  • Adjustable bed rails which you can set as full or half size, as per the growth of the toddler.
  • You can use safety straps for keeping the bed in position. This will help in securing the bottom portion of the rail to the bed’s frame. This is will ensure that the bed is strong and your kid is not going to fall off.

Different Kinds of Bed Rails

There are mainly 3 different kinds of bed rails.

  • Swing Down Bed Rail

Once you install it, it is the safest one to use among all the other bed rails that are available. You can fold down the bed rail during the day time. This will help the child to climb in and out of the bed pretty easily. However, it isn’t just about the toddler. This kind of bed rail is also really beneficial for you. It might be difficult to make the bed of your toddler with a large immovable rail. Instead of tucking the sheets around the bed, you just have to swing down the rail. Luckily, some of these can even slide under the bed when you are not using it.

  • Fixed Bed Rail

This looks almost similar to the previous one. The only difference is that the bed is not going to fold in here. In order to climb down the bed, the baby will use the gap between the rail and the end portion of the bed. This is big enough for allowing the toddler to climb through. However, it isn’t that big that she is going to fall through when she is asleep.

  • Bumper Bed Rail

This sits under the sheet of the bed of the toddler. It appears similar to speed hump but it really slows down the toddler and will stop her from rolling over completely. This is one of the easiest rails when it comes to the installation process. The reason is that it is held in place with the help of the fitted sheet. You can set it up in a few seconds. This is how this is advantageous than the others.

When you buy the bed rail, do not forget to consider the mattress and the bed of the toddler. If you skip this step then you might regret what you purchased as it might be bigger or smaller than the mattress. Measure twice to be sure.

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