Pros and cons of getting married a younger man

While the reality that everybody needs love is undisputed, human beings tend to attach certain conditions to love. One of such conditions is that women should usually not be getting to men who are younger than them. Many people who subscribe to this notion often emphasize the cons of women marrying younger men. The same applies to many who find a wedding site builder to showcase weddings, they usually highlight weddings between same-age couples or older men and younger women.

While many people generally tend to emphasize the cons of marrying younger men, there are also pros which are usually ignored.

The pros

Attractive for longer

It is no secret that as people age, they have to work harder to look as attractive as they did when they were younger. Marrying a younger man means that he will remain attractive for longer.

One of the reasons why your younger husband is likely to remain attractive for longer is that they love to impress. Some psychologists indicate that when younger men are with the women they are attracted to, their levels of testosterone are higher. When testosterone levels are at their highest, the younger men become the best versions of themselves.

They are not “damaged”

As men grow up, they are likely to have been in different situations that could have hurt them. With this hurt, older can have other complications such as low self-esteem and lack of trust. This comes together with other commitment uses which you probably don’t want to have in a marriage.

Younger men tend to be “baggage free”. They have not yet been hurt and are likely to be less cynical about marriage. They bring the kind of positive attitude about marriage you want in someone you are married to.

The Cons

Too energetic

While his energy can be an advantage in bed, it can also be a disadvantage in other aspects of your life. Younger men may not see a problem in leaving a bar at 2 am and going to another one. As an older woman, staying at a bar until 2 am may not be something you cherish.

Still needs to find himself

As a spouse, you are expected to be there and supporting your husband in whatever he does. This is possible if he is doing something deserving of your support. However, your young husband may still be trying to find himself and trying out one futile project after the other.

When people are still young and naïve, they may have a way of thinking that outlandish ideas can be turned into a reality. This may lead to misaligned priorities as you would want something more stable; especially if there are children involved.

Less financially stable

If you are going to marry a younger man, you should be willing to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to paying the bills. In most cases, your younger husband has not yet gained the experience and skills to earn a good rate from whatever he does.

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