10 Most Practical Fall Leaf Clean Up Tools

Everyone loves the colors of the autumn, especially the colorful leaves. But then not all are looking forward to cleaning the leaves as it can be hard work. To make things easier, we laid out for you a list of top 10 most practical fall leaf clean up tools. They will make the entire operation much easier on your side.

Top 10 fall clean-up tools

#1 Assassin Rake

It’s a unique tool that doubles as a shovel and a rake which makes it perfect for leaf cleaning. Its sturdiness only adds up to its appeal. People use only superlatives to describe how much they love using it. You can remove waste from flower beds, lawn, gravel, paths, and even garden ponds.

#2 Backpack Blower

Nowadays, there are all sorts of leaf blowers. Many of them are quite poweful and massive. The only thing they are missing is a cup holder, but even without one, they are quite efficient. It’s extremely satisfying to watch how they blow away all leaves from your lawn. Verellenhc recommended blowers are lightweight, easy to operate and very efficient, perfect for any yards.

#3 Leaf Gulp

There is nothing glorious about the standard leaf gulp, but its simplicity is what makes it fun to use. Even children can use it to clean leaves from the lawn. The only additional accessory you will need is a bag where you can scoop up the leaves. It’s made of pretty sturdy materials and is one of the most lightweight tools in the shed. There is no learning curve, nor anything like that. Just grab it and start scooping up leaves in the bag.

#4 Gardening Gloves

No manual is needed for picking up leaves with gloves. This is by far the hardest way to clean leaves from your lawn. But then sometimes even the fanciest tools can’t help you with leaves that are stuck in some tight spaces and can be only reached with a hand. And some yards have plenty of such spots. That’s when garden gloves come in place to get the job done. One should use extra-long gardening gloves to cover the hands completely.

#5 Plastic Leaf Scoops

If you are not into gardening gloves and don’t like rakes, gulfs, or blowers, then you might want to try plastic leaf scoops. They are easy to use, can grab plenty of leaves at once, and are very durable. Kids seem to love them. Leaf scoops turn work into a game, at least for kids. If you want to turn autumn leaves scooping a family activity, then plastic leaf scoops are precisely what you need.

#6 Grabber Rake for Leaves

Thanks to its unique design, you can simultaneously rake and scoop leaves without bending over. The leaf grabber rake is very practical for smaller to medium sized lawns. It’s made of durable materials and has a great ergonomic design. You don’t have to bend anymore to clear the lawn.

#7 Pool Leaf Skimmer

Outdoor pools are often full of autumn leaves. If that’s the case with your pool, then there is no better way to clean your pool than with a pool leaf skimmer. Draining out the pool and scooping the leaves will risk clogging the pool with leaves and other debris. In any case, the safest bet is using a pool leaf skimmer. It has a deep scooping bag attached to it. You can also attach a longer handle so you can reach out to the middle of the pool.

#8 Lawnmower

Using a lawnmower can also be a very effective solution to your autumn leafs problem. Unlike summer and spring, set the height at a minimum and go at it. Not only you will cut your grass, but you will be able to gather all the leaves stuck in it. Also, short grass doesn’t give leaves space to get caught on. Leaves instead tend to drift around, carried by the wind.

#9 Leaf Roof Brush

Autumn leaves don’t just fall on the ground, but they also get flown away on roofs and terraces. A leaf roof brush can clean the roof from any leaves. Plus, it is a much safer option than power-washing the roof. The thing with power-washing is that it is an effective method for cleaning the roof, but only if a professional cleaner does it. The leaf roof brush has a long and lightweight handle and angled broom that is easy on the shingles.

#10 Tarp Tugger, Waster Bags, Reusable Bags

You can have the fanciest leaf clean-up tools, but nothing will matter if you don’t have a tarp tugger or some waste bag where you can pile up the leaves. They are accessories that unite all leaf clean up tools. There is no point in cleaning the leaves if you don’t have a bag to store them. By making a huge pile on the open you risking them being blown away by the wind. And if that happens, you are back at square one.

Final words

Fall leaf clean up tools come in various shapes and sizes. The ones mentioned above are the most popular among homeowners. It’s a diverse list featuring some pretty simple ones, and then there are those that got plenty of technology on their side.

Which one suits you most is something that you need to figure out on your own. The things that you need to keep in mind is the size of the area that is usually covered by leaves, do you have a pool, do you find plenty of autumn leaves on your roof, and most important of all that is your personality. Are you the type of person that likes simple tools or you prefer the efficiency of backpack blowers? The choice is yours to make!

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