7 Practical and Healthy Answers to Looking Decades Younger

Makeup could make you look decades younger in an instant. But, can we all agree that nothing beats a naturally age-defying look?

The market today is flooded by anti-aging products, and though we are not against them, the body needs help most of the time, we believe that there are effortless, practical and effective health practices or habits you could adapt to reverse the wheels of time.

Some of these recommendations will be difficult to adopt, especially if you have been living a certain way, but change starts with one step. So, let’s take these steps together.

Catch the cottage cheese thighs in their tracks

Although cellulite affects young people, it’s more often associated with old age and is even common in ladies (and men) above the age of 40. So, whether the cellulite is visible or only visible when you pinch the skin, you need to work on reducing their appearance fast.

An anti-cellulite cup is one of the top recommended remedies for cellulite; it improves blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system, encouraging the production of collagen. Since cellulite often signals to the weakening of collagen, the use of the cup is one of the most effective solutions.

Besides cupping, you can also manage and reduce the appearance of cellulite by drinking plenty of water to minimize the appearance of the dimples. Dehydrated skin makes dimples look worse.

You also need to adopt a healthy diet to lose weight and to prevent the accumulation of fats. Also, work out regularly (strength exercises and weight lifting), and massage/ brush the dimples.

Cut out sugar

We love sugar and sweeteners, yet these are the products that accelerate aging. As long as you want to look younger than all your peers, cut or significantly reduce your sugar intake.

Sugar, in any form, triggers inflammation sending your body into a rollercoaster of confusion, tiredness, and you will pack on the weight.

You also want to avoid sugar because it is the biggest enemy of collagen. For a youthful, tight and plump skin, you need collagen working for you. Unfortunately, sugar makes this impossible through glycation. Glycation is the process through which sugars attach to proteins in the body, producing harmful free radicals, the advanced glycation end products of AGEs. The accumulation of AGEs makes elastin and collagen stiff, brittle and dry; hence loss of strength accompanied by a springy appearance. All these cause fine lines, wrinkles, and the sagging of the skin.

And that is not all; high-sugar diets will also affect the skin depending on the type of collagen you have. There are three types of collagen, Type I, II, and III; type I is the weakest and III the strongest. Glycation will degrade collagen from the strongest (type III) to the weakest (type I). The result of the degradation is the loss of structural stability and strength.

Eat chocolate

For youthfulness, you need to eat chocolate. Chocolate will not only make you happy, but its high cocoa content means you get enough polyphenols.

Polyphenols represent a class of antioxidants that fight premature aging, prevent damage to DNA, and also fight cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and neurodegenerative diseases. So, you not only look young, but you are also happy and at lower risk of disease.

Sleep well

You need to get enough sleep every night for your cells to heal and regenerate. Sleep also reduces the levels of the stress hormone, and when you sleep with an extra pillow, you reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes.

The dark bags under the eyes are exacerbated by gravity which pulls more fluids into your lower eyelids. Since eyelids are super soft and elastic, you need to do everything you can to avoid puffiness.

Eat for your hormones

Hormones come to play when it comes to a woman’s look, and with the natural decline of hormones after a certain age, it becomes harder for your body to keep your connective tissues healthy. And it is not just about menopause and PMS because regardless of age, hormones in havoc often mean skin breakouts and dulling/ thinning of hair.

Hormones are integral to your digestion, weight, fertility, growth, bones, and your energy levels. Therefore, if you don’t want to age by the day, keep your hormones happy. These hormones include cortisol, estrogen, insulin, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones.

The best foods for proper-functioning hormones include cruciferous veggies like broccoli and kale, high-quality vegetable oils, fatty fish, as well as lignans from sesame seeds and flax seeds, among others. Supplements work too.

Eat fats

Cutting out the healthy fats from your diet could be the worst thing you do for your health, skin, and hormones. You need fats from nuts, fish and oils for a robust metabolism, healthy skin, flexible joints, a healthy brain, happy hormones, good immunity, and a great loving heart. Don’t forget proteins!

Work out

It not all about cellulite. Exercising is good for every one of your organs. A healthy heart, brain, skin, digestive system, immune system, eyes and everything else good in your life depends on how active you are.

Finally, smile more – it looks great on you!

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