Urbul CBD Review

There has been a lot of talk regarding CBD in the past years. With the new Farm Bill passing and the legalization of CBD sales in the US, countless CBD companies have emerged. Many of them trying to capitalize on new and uneducated customers, claiming their products are real. Society has finally debunked the myths around CBD and has widely agreed on the positive impacts it has on both health and lifestyle. The next dilemma for us is finding a brand you can trust. Luckily, I have a solution that will simplify your CBD needs.

Urbul is a CBD brand I came across that I highly recommend. I originally looked into CBD to help alleviate my lower back problems. This has been something I have been struggling with over the past couple years. I had already took the time to research the effects on CBD and if it was right for the pain and soreness I was experiencing. I wanted to stop taking over the counter painkillers. After ultimately deciding that CBD itself was a right fit, I needed to find a CBD brand to purchase products from. I was stuck with the same questions many of us have experienced when looking at CBD brands. Can I trust this brand? Is their products priced appropriately? And most importantly, will this be for me?

Before I took a leap and purchased their products, I took a moment to browse their website as I would at any shop at the mall. One of the first things I look out for when reviewing CBD brands or even any brand at all, is how well their website is put together and the information they provide. Think of a website as a store, the level of how it’s put together shows how much the company cares about their customers and their shopping experience. Urbul’s website had everything: blogs that were simple and easy to read, dosage calculator to help estimate proper CBD dosing, and quiz to simplify what product fits my needs.

CBD quiz

Of course, I went to the CBD Quiz. Sure I might know what I want, but I have never been to a CBD company that has something of this nature. I was asked simple questions that guided me to specific products. Each product had links to their 3rd party lab test. Urbul made it very clear that their products are verified and reputable. This is key when looking into CBD companies. I was referred to tinctures, exactly what I was looking to buy. I took a little more time and browsed the shop. I ordered:

Now the big question, how was the product? Excellent. It’s as simple as that. After a solid 7 days of sampling the product, I felt noticeably better. My hours at the desk and on my laptop felt more at ease and I stopped my usual habit of stretching and trying to adjust my back. I felt no side effects. One of my biggest concerns was if CBD would make me groggy or sleepy. To my surprise, it did not. I was able to fully function and continue about my day as if nothing was wrong!

As you can tell by the products I had purchased, I am not the biggest fan of hemp taste. Taste alone has sold me on the product. I am already coming up with new smoothie and drink ideas with my blood orange tincture. The gummies on the other hand rival the best tasting vitamin gummies on the market.

I took some time to compare with the pricing of other tinctures and gummies at the same MG. Can you believe that some 1000 mg tinctures are priced at over $100? Urbul’s tinctures are priced at $65 across the board. This standard price takes out the guesswork. Many of these competitors have so many different strengths and pricing. I feel like I am taking a gamble and picking the one that I might get ripped off. I love the simplicity of Urbul’s pricing and MG. The gummies are a no brainer. There are few gummies on the market that can rival the MG in Urbul’s gummies.

Is Urbul right for you?

Here’s the best way I can compare this to: Think of CBD company like a gym or fitness center. It’s how you make of it and want to utilize it. All I am here to tell you is if the equipment is safe, the price is worth it, and does it give you everything to help accomplish your goal.

Was Urbul right for me? The answer is yes. Urbul meets all the expectations a customer should have with CBD and more. They have reputable sources and are completely transparent with their products and ingredients. Their pricing is not over the top and give you the most bang of your buck in dosage. Most importantly, their products are actually good.

I won’t tell you to purchase from them, the only thing I suggest is for you to at least check them out. I have full faith you will agree with my review.

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