Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby

Even though the presence of a new baby in the home is nothing but cheers and smiles from moms and dads, this can all be unexpected and even confusing for your dog. Considering that the dog had known something was up for a few months and then suddenly this strange new creature is in the … Read more

Real Reviews On CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil For Dogs [Real Results & Real Testimonies] Chances are you have recently heard of the new popular supplement known as CBD (cannabidiol). You might even know a friend or neighbor who uses it on their pet or for themselves. CBD is said to be revolutionary in treating multiple ailments and symptoms. It also … Read more

RESEARCH: What Music Makes the Dogs Happy?

I’ve heard rumors how music makes the dogs happy and comfortable, but I haven’t tested it with my Lab. If you are a dog person, you already know that there is nothing sweeter and happier than seeing him full of joy, running around the house with his tail moving back and forth fast. Seeing his … Read more

A Chart That Will Help You Finally Understand Your Dog

Sometimes dogs can be really secretive. You know what I’m saying? They do something that seems illogical to us. Every dog’s movement means something. Like humans, dogs also have their own way of communicating with each other. If you want to understand what they mean by that strange noise, you need to listen closely and … Read more