The 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds By Country

Dogs are a part of human life because they are generally friendly and capable of living in harmony with human beings. Aside from people who have a severe dislike for dogs due to their allergies, dogs are used to represent either buddies or securities in most homes all over the world. There are so many essential things about dogs that people ought to know about, but one common element is the fact that there are different breeds of dogs. The best way to understand how to take care of your dog is to know the breed that your dog falls under. When you have carefully examined which breed your dog falls under, it will be easier for you to feed, relate and understand such a dog without any mishaps.

Some dogs are known for security, while others are companions and lovers, and as such, should be treated that way. Understanding dog breeds begin from knowing the most popular dog breeds according to countries. It should not be a shock that some dogs are popular in some countries than they are in other countries. Here are the five most popular dog breeds according to countries that you need to know about.


This dog breed became very popular when a movie titled Shiloh went viral on social media. The name of the Beagle in that film was Snoopy, and he was an efficient and fantastic dog throughout. This breed has one of the most fantastic puppy eyes ever, and they can almost make you cry tears of joy with their amazing eye-balls. They are also fascinating because they look funny with their floppy ears and strong legs that enable them to jump high and run very fast. This breed is most prevalent in Canada and the United States of America as people love walking them along with parks all the time.


Initially, this breed of dogs gained popularity in the United States of America, but tracing these dogs to where they originally came from, they were most prevalent in Vietnam. People who have lived with Poodle breeds know precisely how friendly and free-spirited they are all the time.

German Shepherd

This breed is most prevalent in the United Kingdom as they are mostly used for security purposes in the army or police department. These dogs are susceptible and know how to sense smells that are days old. Recently, these dogs have been used to solve different cases that involve criminals, and so far, they have been excellent.

Miniature Fox Terrier

Miniature Fox Terrier

This dog breed is most prevalent in Australia and has been for many years. This dog breed in Australia is developed to become useful during hunting, and according to Australians, this breed is also known as Mini Foxie. Although they look small, they are agile and rarely get sick or tired ( also check out the most popular dog breeds Australia ).

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Just as the name of the breed implies, they are popularly bred in France for domestic purposes. This French Bulldog came about as a result of a cross between English Bulldogs and French local ratters.

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