Real Reviews On CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil For Dogs [Real Results & Real Testimonies]

Chances are you have recently heard of the new popular supplement known as CBD (cannabidiol). You might even know a friend or neighbor who uses it on their pet or for themselves. CBD is said to be revolutionary in treating multiple ailments and symptoms.

It also gains much attention for maintaining natural health. But, is this CBD here to stay or is it just hype?

Nowadays, companies on the internet will try to sell you anything to turn a buck. Online CBD companies are no different. With little regulation laws put into place, some shady business are allowed to fester. We advise always to do you thorough research when shopping for CBD products for your dog or loved one.

Not all CBD companies online practice shady tactics, in fact many of them practice professional business standards. Many CBD companies really care about the product they are selling to their customers. And many customers care about purchasing a consistent and efficient CBD product. So, if you are new to the CBD craze, how do you determine the difference between a solid CBD company and a “shady” company?

Look For Real Reviews Or Testimonials

Any legitimate CBD website selling product should be proud to show testimony from their satisfied costumers. The website should display customer reviews in a way that they are easily accessible for those searching.

Real reviews is one tactic used to generally rate a company and their products. This way you know their product works and customers are satisfied with their purchases. We recommend going with a company like HolistaPet. You can view many real customer reviews about their CBD pet products here on their website.

You can also look for reviews online from other sources about a CBD company you are researching. Sometimes people write reviews on certain CBD companies and their products. These reviews may be posted on forums or blogs, but be weary for bias information.

Also, some CBD related websites have been known to sample CBD products form specific companies and write a detailed review regarding the products sampled.

CBD Oil For Dogs Can help With The Following

  • Helps with Joints & Mobility
  • Treats certain forms of cancers & tumors
  • Reduces seizures & epilepsy
  • Decreases stress & anxiety
  • Helps treat nausea & digestive issues
  • Helps with aging & wellness
  • Decreases pain & inflammation
  • Helps treat skin conditions & allergies


Remember to pay attention to these important highlights when researching CBD companies.

  • Look for positive feedback in the form of reviews and testimonials.
  • Inquire about COAs (certificates of analysis). Avoid companies with no COAs on file.
  • You want CBD sourced from hemp (CBD from marijuana is illegal in certain states)
  • Pay attention to the extraction method used (CO2 extraction makes the cleanest products)
  • Compare prices (but don’t lower standards to save money, only compare highly regarded companies or products)

Following these guidelines should lead you to an effective CBD product for you and your dog.

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