These 11 Signs Say: You Are Probably Expecting a Baby!


Today’s regular check-ups and tests are 99% right. The technology is so advanced that they will tell you that something is cooking inside your body even before the “thing” happens. My grandmother and mother weren’t lucky enough to be pregnant in this world. They didn’t even know they are pregnant until that belly started to … Read more

Are Your Personality and Birth Date a Perfect Match?

It came out that the birth date plays a significant role when it comes to personality and health. The researchers from the University of Columbia used data from 1.7 million patients to link the birth months to particular diseases like cancer or heart disease. Another study from the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology says that the … Read more

Your Personality is Now Revealed by the Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese history and spirituality strikes again. They want to talk about your personality and the connection with the year you’ve been born. You know Chinese people have different zodiac signs. They have an unbreakable bond with the animals, so they came up with 12 Chinese zodiac signs. The whole zodiac operates on a 12-year … Read more