These 11 Signs Say: You Are Probably Expecting a Baby!

Today’s regular check-ups and tests are 99% right. The technology is so advanced that they will tell you that something is cooking inside your body even before the “thing” happens.

My grandmother and mother weren’t lucky enough to be pregnant in this world. They didn’t even know they are pregnant until that belly started to grow.

The first sign that a woman is pregnant is waiting for her period to come. However, sometimes this sign could come knocking on the door and still you could be pregnant.

I wanted to get deeper with this post. I wanted to escape from the usual signs like vomiting, period, and often urination.

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at these “you are probably pregnant” signs.

Increased Estrogen and Progesterone Levels

These two hormones will decrease or stop the menstrual bleedings.

Vomiting Does Not Only Happen in the Mornings

Oh yeah. This is probably the main reason why people confuse morning sickness with a stomach bug or food poisoning.

Being pregnant means slower digestion.

Swollen and Sensitive Vagina

The levels of cervical mucus you produce are thicker, and the result is a very sensitive vagina. All of this comes as a result of increased progesterone levels.

Increased Breast Size

You thought your breasts get swollen when you are in your period? – Wait until you see what happens when you are expecting.

The nipples get darker as they prepare for nursing your baby.

The hormones inside of you make your breasts sensitive and bigger.

If you were dreaming for larger breasts, they would continue growing through the pregnancy.

Menstrual Cramps Outside your Period Dates

It lasts a couple of days as the process of implementation occurs. It’s the time when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus lining.

Going to the Bathroom. A Lot.

As the body produces more blood to support you and your baby growing inside of you, it will force the kidneys to filter more.

You Won’t Have a Problem Falling Asleep Anywhere and Anytime

Your body spends energy working all day all night to make your womb a special place for your baby. It’s normal for the body to want to rest more.

Constipation Even When Your Diet Hasn’t Changed

The increase of progesterone level slows down your digestion. It means uncomfortable and painful bathroom time.

Forever Hungry

Even though you can get hungry even in the middle of the night, try to balance the food intake. You don’t want to catch that pregnancy syndrome that will make you fat.

Cravings for sweets and treats will be significantly increased.

Favorite Food Could Make You Ill

Doctors are not sure why women feel like that. It’s believed that the high progesterone level does its job and causes aversion to certain smells.

The Pregnancy Line

Pregnant women can spot a dark line from the belly down to the pubic area. Don’t do anything to make it disappear. It will do that by itself after the pregnancy.

Old tales say that this is the route babies find the breast for nursing.

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