What Is Neuroticism?

What Is Neuroticism

The article is developed in partnership with BetterHelp. The term “neurotic” is thrown around a lot, but is it necessarily being used accurately? In most cases, the answer is probably not. But what exactly does “neurotic” and “neuroticism” mean? These terms come from the Greek word for “nerve” and date to the eighteenth century when … Read more

How to Get Through a Midlife Crisis

How to Get Through a Midlife Crisis

This article was developed via a partnership with BetterHelp. Midlife crises are clearly common enough that they’ve become a popular term to describe a particular moment in the middle of life that may have us feeling completely overwhelmed. A midlife crisis may arise from all manner of difficulties. These could be marital issues, parenting struggles, … Read more

How to find magic, mystery, and meaning in your everyday life

magic mystery ball

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner. Kids will start summer vacation soon. Moms everywhere will find their everyday routines flipped upside down while the kids are out of school. How can hardworking moms cope during the dog days of summer, especially when the pandemic is still having an ongoing and mostly negative effect … Read more

Show of Your Pride with an American Flag

Show of Your Pride with an American Flag

There are few more effective ways of showing your patriotism than by waving an American flag. But if you aren’t careful, your act of intended patriotism could transform into an insult. As a symbol of American values, the flag is worthy of respect. And that means that you should always take caution when flying one.  … Read more

The Proper Way to Behave at a Funeral

The Proper Way to Behave at a Funeral_searching for a Headstone

There is nothing we want more for our loved ones than to complete their wishes after death. This could mean a funeral with all of the flowers and details covered, or it could simply mean a small gathering for those they loved to come together and celebrate their life and memory. However, it is still … Read more