Fast And Effective Techniques to Clear Your Sinuses

People who are prone to allergies probably hate going outside. It’s not possible for them to go out and come back healthy.

They especially hate the beginning of the summer. Their nose is like a waterfall.

Sinuses are those hollow cavities in your skull. They are connected to the same system, and most of them are small.

There are some sinuses in your cheekbones that are bigger, but we are not going to include them here.

What you need to know about the sinuses is that they come in a pair with a cavity on each side of your skull.

You can find:

  • Sinuses between the eyes called ethmoid sinuses
  • Sinuses inside of your nose called Sphenoid sinuses
  • Sinuses in your cheeks called Maxillary sinuses.

The most common reason for them to get irritated are allergies, flu, colds, and some infections in the sinuses. When they are not irritated, your sinuses are empty.

All of these sinuses can be treated and cleaned by using the useful technique below.

You need to practice this method a couple of times before you can get it just right.

Let’s start:

  • Sit comfortably so that your head and body can rest at a 45-degree angle. Turn your head to a side of your choice and massage downward the sternocleidomastoid muscle. (check the photo below) Massage it at least five times. Once you finished with one side, turn your head to the opposite side and do the same thing. This will help you to relax the neck.


  • Use your index fingers to find the boney. It’s the bridge part, of your nose. At the end of this boney part there is a soft part where it ends. You need to use the soft area to apply a comfortable amount of pressure. Massage this area in a circular pattern for approximately 30 seconds. After that, proceed the next step massaging the muscles on both sides of your nose toward the cheekbones.


  • Locate the center of your forehand using your both hands. Apply a firm pressure on this area and massage it in a circular motion. Make sure the movement goes toward your temples.

Fast And Effective Techniques to Clear Your Sinuses

There you have it. Three possible ways for you to clean out your sinuses. I hope this works for you.

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