These 4 Signs Say That You Are a Strong yet Sensitive Person

Sometimes I want to hear that I’m a strong person. I get this a lot from my kids and husband. That’s what feeds me and what pushes me forward to be even better for them.

While the family is everything, you need to take care of yourself a little bit.

Being strong doesn’t mean that anyone can’t reach you, or anything can’t touch you. It means that you have the ability to out-power everything that comes towards you.

It doesn’t mean that you are not a sensitive person like many of you think. The sensitivity comes by nature.

Sensitivity is something we, the women, are known for. Strong people can be highly sensitive, but they have their reasons and ways to cover that sensitive nature.

Why? – Good question.


My best answer would be they do that to protect themselves from people who can abuse that.

My question for you is: do you think of yourself as a strong yet sensitive person?

If you haven’t discovered that feature about you, these four signs will help you find yourself.

#1 – You are overwhelmed, and you have no problem admitting that

You won’t hear a strong person talk about their emotions and stress too much.

The most powerful women often know their limits and do a good job putting the foot down whenever someone tries to reach that limit.

It’s what makes a woman stronger on a longer run.

#2 – You seek for stable and real connections

Highly sensitive people have no problem connecting with people. When you mix this with an emotionally strong personality, you’ll get a person that won’t tolerate a small talk for very long.

#3 – You are always willing to enforce your high standards

The sign that makes you unique. It’s awesome to have your standards and stick to them no matter what.

How many times you’ve seen a sensitive person trying to set standards, but they are not enforcing them?

Too many!

When you combine sensitivity and strength, you will get a strict follower to the high standards.

These women know what they deserve, and they know exactly what to do to get them.

#4 – You are the leader and call the shots like you see them

Sensitive people find it easy to read emotions in others. They want to make the other person better immediately.

The emotional strength strikes up when it’s time for building the confidence to speak about fairness and accuracy.

Does this remind you of someone? – Can you spot that person in the mirror?

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David Wolfe
Heal Dove
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