Must-Have Tools for Smoking Flower

Though smoking a flower can sound simple, there is nothing more complicated than this. With so many different ways to use cannabis, you must have all the right tools at your disposal to smoke at your pace.

Find the right gear from the best online head shop, and you will be all set to enjoy a good smoking experience. No matter if you are experienced or a rookie, there are some basic tools that you should have while smoking flowers. Here, they are:


When talking about must-have tools for smoking flowers, a grinder usually tops the list. Before smoking the flower, if you don’t grind the bud well first, you will not get much out of it. You will burn through the stash too quickly before reaping the benefits.

So, before rolling or smoking, give it a good grind to increase its surface area. This way, you will have more green to light up. 

There are different types of grinders in the market you can get from any best online head shop. You can either get the basic grinders or choose the multifunctional ones which can grind and store the flower in them. 

Storage Containers

Storing the flower or bud is essential when it comes to smoking. If not stored properly, the flowers can get moldy, dry out, or lose the potency, taste, and smell. Just like grinders, there is a wide range of storage containers in the market. 

There are even high-end storage containers. In this, you can control the container’s humidity by dialing the right conditions for the weed. 

But you don’t have to worry even if you are short on the budget. All you have to get is a high-quality container with a re-sealable lid. Make sure to store the flower away from direct sunlight in a place with a little cooler room temperature without high humidity.


One of the essential must-haves for smoking flowers is lighter. It is always good to keep one handy in case you get stranded with lots of stash in hand but without a fire to light it up. 

There are many lighters with different features like windproof torches, refillable lighters, and small necklace gas lighters that you can choose from.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are essential when you are smoking flowers. These are thin sheets that you can use to encase the flower or bud in. Finding the right brand and type of rolling paper that suits you the best can take time, but you can explore different options.

These rolling papers are usually made of rice straw, hemp, flax, or wood pulp. Each of the material lends a different characteristic to the paper and, along with it, a different experience. 

The papers come in different sizes, ranging from regular sized to extra large, which is generally between 70 to 110 mm long. Rolling papers also come in flavors ranging from chocolates to black currant.

If you are a beginner and not good at rolling, you can go for pre-rolled cones that you can get from any best online head shop.

Filters and Roach Tips

To avoid inhaling ash while you are smoking flowers, you have to roll a joint with roach tips. They are rolled cardboard pieces that are placed along with the rolling paper.  It gives a tight grip to the paper and gives you something to hold on to.

Roach tips come in multiple sizes, the largest being 8mm in diameter and 15mm in length.


Bongs are an excellent choice for smoking flowers if you do not want to work with rolling papers and roach tips. As the process involves filtering the smoke through water, it gives you a cleaner smoking experience as it filters the chemicals.

Every bong comes with a detachable bowl where you place the flower and light it up. It has a long stem attached to the water chamber and a percolator to cool down the smoke. Lastly, there is a beaker base from where you can inhale the smoke. 

Cleaning Accessories

To have a good smoking experience for the long term, it is essential to clean your smoking accessories regularly to keep them free of built-up residue. Smoking a dirty bong or pipe can lead to harmful smoke and toxins. 

There are different cleaning accessories in the market ranging from pipe cleaners to surface cleaners and a lot more. 

If you smoke flowers, these tools are some of the fundamentals that you should always have in your smoking kit. Buy high-quality tools from reliable sources which will last for a long time and help you smoke your heart out.