Unveiling The Wonders Of Shilajit: A Mineral-Rich Resin In Ayurveda

Unveiling The Wonders Of Shilajit A Mineral-Rich Resin In Ayurveda

Shilajit is a formulation of herbs and minerals that has been utilized in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system. It has been employed in traditional herbal medicine to address a wide range of conditions. Shilajit is abundant in minerals and contains a significant compound called fulvic acid. Its origin can be traced to rock layers … Read more

Bite Back: Protecting Yourself from Tick-Borne Infections


Tick-borne diseases are on the rise as climate change affects the growth of ticks and their distribution across the US. The emergence of ticks after the winter thaw brings with it a growing risk of zoonotic infections, which are infections that are transmitted from animals to humans. Lyme disease, one of the most common tick-borne … Read more

Imposter Syndrome: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Doubt

Understanding the Rise of “Crypto Moms”_Imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt like a fraud or doubted your accomplishments despite evidence of your success? Do you feel like you’re not qualified or skilled enough, and that people will eventually discover that you’re a fraud? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be experiencing imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon … Read more

Vitamin D: An Essential Nutrient for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

4 Uncommon Pregnancy Side Effects You May Not Know

The Importance of Vitamin D During Pregnancy Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for pregnant women, as it helps to support the growth and development of the fetus. It is also important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth for both the mother and the baby. Low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy can increase the … Read more