How To Make & Why You Need This Turmeric Tonic Recipe

For this tonic recipe, I would try a different approach.

I know that you’ve heard about turmeric and its benefits, but this tonic has other ingredients that deserve to be placed on top.

First things first. I want to talk about the tonic recipe as a whole.

Why do you need this recipe?

Praising the turmeric is not the same as consuming the turmeric. Lots of people know what turmeric is capable of and they still forget to purchase it.

The turmeric tonic is preventative and has a lot of benefits for everyone that consumes it. It’s different than regular tea.

I could say it’s tastier because of the other ingredients involved here.

Sometimes I use this option because I don’t like tea myself. I find it hard to drink. I feel bloated after that. I know there are many benefits of it, but I like consuming the ingredients otherwise or raw much better.

Before I head down to the benefits of the ingredients, let me introduce you to them first.

You have met before.

Ingredients for the Turmeric Tonic Recipe

  •      1 teaspoon raw honey
  •      1 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon
  •      1 teaspoon turmeric
  •      ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

How exactly will these ingredients help me heal?

There is something in them that can be explained just by reading all of their benefits.


Raw Honey

Cayenne Pepper


Right after you see all the benefits that are mixed in one glass, you slowly get the picture how great would it be if you drink this at least once a day.

Oh yes. I almost forgot.

The Instructions:

  •      Put a teaspoon of raw honey in a cup
  •      Squeeze a teaspoon of the fresh lemon over the honey
  •      Mix until the honey dissolves into the lemon juice
  •      Add the turmeric and the cayenne pepper
  •      Mix thoroughly and enjoy this great tonic


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Source: Cure Joy

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