4 Tips for Getting Ripped in Summer

When summer nears, almost everyone starts to plan on the best way to celebrate the season. Some will rush to the beach and show off their shirtless or bikini bodies under the hot sun. Others will get ready for their vacation, while others got plans for their summer family tradition such as family gatherings or … Read more

Keeping fit with no gyms is driving me crazy

You can still work out and stay fit during the lockdown, and here’s how When the novel coronavirus became a pandemic, and a lockdown was made mandatory in certain parts of the world, many people were working out in the gym. Work out enthusiasts were beyond shocked that the gym would have to be closed … Read more

10 Key Points You Must Note While Exercising At Home

The survival of the fittest has been the rule of thumb on our planet from eternity. Due to this rule, Homo sapiens evolved overtime to be physically active species. We must continuously burn energy by means of physical activities to keep our bodies healthy. But, the modern world has offered us a different lifestyle. Our … Read more