Upgrade your health with these 5 body-weight exercises

Many people think if they are on vacation or when they work out only at home, they do not have similar results as when they go to the gym. But it is not the truth, it can be as much as beneficial to the gym if you change your exercise style and if you are not aware of the exercises the here are five easy workouts that will help you get the best result for your body shaping. Follow the following blog to know the secret of body shaping at home.

Moving Squat to Balance

You have started with your feet settling under your hips, and your core part there supporting your low back. Here you have to bend your knees along with shifting your hips back while keeping your trunk as straight as you can. Try to maintain your heels to perform an arrow squat.

Staying in a narrow squat try to perform wide squat and then return to small squat. Rise to stand and focus on contracting your abdominal muscles. Your aim should be to keep the hip level. Come back to the beginning position and repeat yourself for the other side.

Lunge With Rotation

Start with your feet under your hips and your core engaged in supporting your low back. Now step frontward with your right leg and bend both knees to sink into a lunge. While you lower down, you have to hinge at the hips and reach the left hand to the instep of your front and right arm up to the sky and rotate. You have to make sure that your weight is on heel of the front foot and there your spine long during the lunge with rotation. Come back to the beginning position and repeat yourself from the other side.

Deadlift using hip flexion and extension

Starting standing in the most comfortable position and slowly start sweeping one leg forward while maintaining your hip level. Now pass through the centre and extend the same leg backward with the hips being at the same level. Keep your back foot lifted or lightly touching the ground, hinge forward at your hips to low down your chest near the floor slowly. Maintaining your hip level and keeping the spine long, the goal is to lower yourself as far as you can. Come back to the beginning position and repeat yourself for the other side.

Double push-up to downward-facing dog

Begin yourself with a plank position along with your knees or your knees or your toes on the floor. now, you have to expose your belly away from the floor with this you have to set your core. Take hands wide and bend your elbows to perform an extensive push-up. Now take your hands back under your shoulders and perform a narrow push-up. Lift your tailbone to the sky and gently press your chest near to thighs and you have to move downward in shape like a dog. Now gently press your chest towards your thighs. Come back to the beginning position and repeat yourself for the other side.

Table top with lift

Start with bending your knees, feet to be at hip distance, and position should be close to the hip. Your hands should be behind your hips and fingertips should face heels. You have to press your heels ad lift yourself towards the ceiling. Along with this, you have to lift your right leg, and you have to try to reach towards your foot with the opposite hand. Come back to the beginning position and repeat yourself for the other side.

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