Fun workout at home for your kids

The worlds have changed after the spread of COVID-19. Everyone has accepted the lifestyle of being at home always. Being at home is safe rather than being outside the house. Especially in this situation, the most affected are young athletes. If we do not worry about their practical activities, they will face difficulty in regaining their strength.

Before this unplanned break, children used to be engaged in the outdoor, games, and other outdoor physical-activities. Now, everyone is turning out to be their own coaches. It is time to offer young athletes a training programme through which they can develop their brain and health in this lockdown period.

We have found out very easy three exercises which only take 25min each to be performed. These exercises are specially brought to all the young kiddos of age 10-12 years. With that said, let’s have an eagle on the following tasks. We guarantee you that the following workout will be the cherry on the cake.

Workout – Coordination

Do you all know what the coordination is, and what is its importance? Well, coordination is the ability for the brain and body to communicate to accomplish a task in the most effective, efficient way possible. This is an essential aspect of becoming a competent, confident athlete in any sport or physical activity. This helps to work all the parts of the body to be working in the coordination and also make their ability to coordinate parts faster.

Start with 5 minutes of warm-up

Ask athletes to do the following movements – (Each to be repeated for 10 seconds)

  1. Skip, Roll, Jump
  2. Run, Stop, Accelerate
  • Gallop, Squat, Spin
  1. Push-up, Lateral shuffle, Cut

Sensory Prep

Through this, teach the athlete how to coordinate while doing a high-level skip. They must understand the following coaching cues –

  1. Bounce on the toes, foot’s ball and heels.
  2. Skip with thigh parallel to the ground (below and above).
  3. Bend arms to 90 degrees (more than and less than) at the elbow.
  4. Swing hands from back pocket to nose

Skipping for Skill Development for Coordination

Important elements of skipping include:

  1. Hit the ground with foot’s ball
  2. Arms bent to 90 degrees
  3. Bring the thigh parallel to the ground

To reinforce the coordination needed for skipping, do the following activities –

  1. Popcorn jumps (4 sets of 10 seconds)
  2. Robot arms (4 sets of 10 seconds)
  3. Skip (4 sets of 15-20 yards)
  4. Moon meter (4 sets of 15-20 yards)

Kick, Punch, Catch

Use the following equipment: Ball or balloon. In this game, the kid has to react quickly and coordinate a movement.

Quick Feet Reaction

In this activity, it is necessary for the kids to respond immediately to the promptness of the coach.

Movement circuit

Do the following circuit at least three times and 30 seconds each

  1. Push Up and Roll
  2. Alternating Cone Reaches
  • Split Squat
  1. Crab Hip Holds

Let us know in the comment if your kid enjoyed this workout.

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