5 Things Every New Mom Needs

Being a mom is hard work. While there are always those precious moments when your little one says their first words and learns how to walk that you’ll cherish forever, you’ll encounter sleepless nights, hissy fits, and big messes before you get there. If you’re feeling the stress of new parenthood, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help. There are plenty of products on the market that are pure lifesavers. From baby monitors to soothing rockers, every mom should know which items to invest in to make those long nights and hectic days a little more bearable. Take a look at our list of the top 5 things every new mom needs.

Baby Monitor

If your baby sleeps in another room during the night or naps upstairs while you complete daily chores, a baby monitor is a must-have. Baby monitors will give you back a piece of your sanity and allow you to get some alone time with peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound. If you decide to keep your baby’s crib by your bedside during the first few months, you most likely won’t need a baby monitor. However, once you begin to transition your infant to their own room or to their nursery, this essential tech will allow you to keep a watchful eye while not disturbing their sleep.


Whether you’re a master at soothing your baby or still have trouble rocking your newborn to sleep, a rocker will ensure everyone in the house sleeps soundly. When it comes to finding the right rocker, you want to ask yourself important questions, such as, “is it safe?” “is it comfortable?” and “is it easy to set up?” A baby rocker that checks all of these boxes is the one you should set up in your nursery. A rocker will make your life easier by not adding any strain to your body when you stand and rock your baby. It will also allow you to place your newborn down while you cook dinner, fold laundry, or simply watch TV!

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow allows you to lift your baby to a more ergonomic position that makes breastfeeding more comfortable. At a higher position, your baby will be able to latch better and will promote a proper nursing position to make feeding time easier. Many new moms find breastfeeding pillows to be a great accessory, especially if they have twins, preemies, or a C-section. With a nursing pillow, you’ll be able to cuddle, feed, and help your little one with tummy time as they begin to grow. This jack-of-all-trades item is an essential for every new mom!

Baby Carrier

Two things new moms need: freedom and flexibility. A baby carrier allows your little one to snuggle with you while you remain hands-free! The proper baby carrier will make parenting a little bit easier in many ways. Take your baby out on the town as you run errands without having to rely on a cumbersome stroller that you have to pack and unpack every time you get in and out of your car.

Many carriers are also great for breastfeeding in public, as they often come with hoods that cover your baby. They also keep your little one close to you, an important trick that helps boost your hormones to influence milk production! Baby carriers should be towards the top of your list so you can bond with your little one while having the freedom to move. And for those days you do decide to keep your baby in a stroller, pack all your supplies in a backpack diaper bag that organizes everything from diapers to binkies and bottles to baby wipes!

Sound Machine

Help your baby to sleep with a soothing sound machine that will relax them and dream sweet, pleasant dreams. Investing in a top-rated baby brand sound machine will put your napping and nighttime worries at bay. Search for sound machines that offer a variety of different noises you can choose from so your newborn doesn’t become dependent on one sound. Additionally, it’s important to keep your noise machine below 50 decibels to avoid hearing problems in the future. Music and sound plays a vital role in calming babies, increasing cognition, and improving memory and coordination.

In Conclusion

Surviving new motherhood is no small feat, but the right tools can help. These 5 must-have items every new mom needs will give you sleep-filled nights and seamless feeding sessions to make your first time parenting a whole lot easier!

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