The Advantages Of The Best Baby Monitors On The Market Today

The top rated baby monitors below provide parents with the ability to hear and “see” their little one from any other room in the house. They provide the freedom and flexibility to hop in the shower, cook, clean, socialize with friends and family, or get your baby adjusted to sleeping and napping in their own room.

Infant Optics DRX-8

Parents love that this top rated baby monitor doesn’t utilize the internet providing 100% digital privacy. In fact, none of the audio and visual monitors on our list utilize the internet. The downside is that it can’t be utilized via a smartphone app—but it comes with its own 3.5” portable screen. Even when in their crib, babies move around and this monitor’s remote pan, tilt, and zoom features make it easy for parents to adjust viewing. It has an impressive range of up to 200 meters of open space, but the range is less if there are several walls or floors between you and baby.

Philips AVENT SCD630 Video Baby Monitor

The two-way talk back feature is one of the reasons that this monitor made or list of the best rated baby monitors on the market today. This allows you to comfort your little one back to sleep or soothe them while you are on your way back to their room. The 3.5” monitor can be handheld, clipped to your pants, or mounted to the wall. It has an eco-mode that turns the monitor back on when your baby moves or makes a sound. The camera has infrared night vision and it pans and tilts. Remotely play a lullaby to your baby when they stir. The only downside is that the range is low at about 50 meters. 

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

This smart baby monitor is the cheapest on our list. It has a small 2.4 HD monitor with a built-in tabletop stand and wall mount. The two-way microphone allows parents to talk to their baby when they wake. Other features include high/low temperature alerts, infrared night vision, built-in alarm, and eco-mode voice activation. The camera is crystal clear with built-in pan, tilt, and zoom. The monitor can be synced with up to 4 cameras providing parents with maximum viewing. The only downside is that the lullabies play a bit loud on the parent’s end and the volume can’t be adjusted. Also, while the range states it’s up to 900 feet, this is the open space range—which is significantly less the more walls are between you and your baby.

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

This baby sleep monitor stands out from the crowd because it provides an impressive 200 meter range, and alerts parents to when they are out of range. This makes it perfect for larger homes, or when you want to venture outside to do some yard work while your baby is napping. The 3.5” monitor has infrared night vision, room temperature monitoring, and superior sound monitoring. The camera can pan and tilt, but the controls are a bit tricky to master. It has a few lullabies that can be remotely activated to help baby wind down or lull them back to sleep after feeding or diaper change. 

Sense U Baby Monitor

In addition to the top rated audio and visual monitors above many parents also utilize baby movement monitors to monitor their infant’s health. This monitor is a small and lightweight button that attaches to your infant’s pajamas or clothing recording data without audio or visual components. The Sense U technology is, however, an exact duplicate of the MonBaby monitor and a lawsuit for the patent infringement is currently underway

MonBaby a Smart Breathing Movement Monitor

Audio and visual is not the only way to monitor your baby, which is why many parents are turning to wearable infant monitoring. The MonBaby monitors and records breathing, movement, body position, and falls. It can even tell you when your baby has rolled over! All data it collects is sent automatically to your smartphone, which you can program to track the data you most prefer—and adjust monitoring points at any time. While there is no camera or microphone for visual and audio, the monitor senses your baby’s movement and breathing which will alert you to when they wake from sleep. It is also an excellent tool for tracking how much sleep your little one gets each night. You can even leave the monitor on all day to utilize the proximity alarm, which will alert you when your crawling baby is on the move. Many parents keep the MonBaby button on while they are at work or when their little one is with the babysitter. Although this monitor utilizes an app and the internet, it does so without audio and visual eliminating the privacy concerns that come with many baby monitors and in-home security systems.

Parents invest in baby monitors for safety, flexibility, and peace of mind. While monitors are not a new invention the modern technology of the top baby monitors above takes things to the next level. Now you have the information you need to create private, in-home monitoring you need to stay connected with your baby! 

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