What Negative Thinking Does to Your Body?

Have you ever felt a negative aura?

I did. A couple of times. When someone enters the same room with me, I can feel whether he has a positive mindset or not.

The negative people fulfill the room with darkness. There isn’t anything positive that you can pull from them except to avoid becoming a people like that.

You can think yourself to poor health.

According to David Robson, “We have long known that expectations of a malady can be as dangerous as a virus. Vomiting, dizziness, headaches, and even death, could be triggered through belief alone.” – BBC.

A story from the 18th century explains how these things work. Medical research in Vienna made a few students pick on a well-hated assistant. They used a blindfold and told that he would be killed. The students dropped a wet towel on his head making him believe that they have a knife.

The result was death on a spot from fear. Assuming something wrong will happen to you and fulfilling your mind and body with negativity is called “the nocebo effect.”

Dramatic trauma does not always trigger it. It’s usually subtle.

Take a look at these types of negative thoughts and explore their health complications.

Negative Thought #1 – Cynicism

The distrust in other human beings is taking over the world. It’s more common now than ever.

Researchers connected cynicism with dementia and a study from 2009 linked dementia with heart diseases in women.

Negative Pattern #2 – Hostility

Being a jerk leads to increased chances of stroke. A study from 2014 tested individuals for hostility level. Those who gave improved results in this category showed increased risks of stroke.

Negative Pattern #3: Chronic Anger

Anger is a normal emotion all people have. However, let’s pay attention to the constant part.

According to Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas, chronic anger represents more permanent disposition of habitual outlook of the world.

It means that if you are getting angry because the sky is blue or the birds fly you are probably suffering from a chronic anger.

This condition leads to19% higher risk of cardiovascular disease and 70% increased the risk of death by cancer.

Stay calm, stay active!

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David Wolfe

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