What Dog Breeds Match Your Personality Type?

Dog breeds are like people. Sometimes I think they are even better. They have their personality, which makes them desperate family members.

Lots of studies say that people adopt dogs according to their character. You can’t take a lazy dog that wants to sleep through the day if you are an energetic and adventurous person.

Or, you can’t adopt a Labrador Retriever if you want a house dog that will play the role of a teddy bear and sit at one place.

This full-of-energy dog won’t entertain by itself.

We are going to agree that the whole procedure of getting a dog is tough. However, I think this could help you going further.

So, what dog breeds suit your personality type?


The dog that doesn’t care what the others think about her. She likes to establish control wherever she goes.

If you want to overdo and force something out of her, she will ignore your scolding with little to zero care for the consequences. However, once you get its respect, they are reliable and with fantastic manners.

German Shepherd

It’s probably the most loyal breed out there. Intelligent, protective, and respectful. They want to keep every person in the family safe. A German Shepherd might be the perfect buddy for sharing responsibilities.

At least you don’t need to care about protecting your home against invaders.

Australian Shepherd

dog Breeds

The workaholics. They try to grab every task and challenge that’s put in front of them.

They are intelligent and loyal and tend to help others finish their main obligation.

Jack Russel Terrier


Smart, but they have a mind of their own. These energetic terriers always do how their mind is telling them. They are excellent as family dogs, but they most of the time they enjoy their alone time.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


The dog with an active personality. They are good looking and athletic. This dog breed loves to get dirty and experience new things. Dogs that can distance themselves from the pack and do the first thing that comes to their mind.

Shiba Inu

Goin Japanesque

The Japanese breed is a home keeper, peaceful, and easygoing. They want to mind their own business and explore the world by their ways.

Tibetan Terrier


They want to trust their people. The Tibetan terrier doesn’t want to share their friendship with strangers. He will be your shadow, but don’t want to cuddle too much.

Chow Chow

American Kennel Club

The lion-faced dog breed that has an amazing personality. They are intelligent, but sometimes chow chows act indifferent. They always want to be in your company, rather being alone.



This dog breed has an adventurous personality. They get into trouble frequently with their activity and attention. However, they are loving and enjoy in social interactions.



There is no “rest time” in their dictionary. Corgi dogs are always ready to play. Their energy gives them trouble to focus on one task at a time.

Labrador Retriever


I can talk from personal experience for the lab. They are warm, intelligent, and compassionate dog breeds you want for your home. They are also made for lots of different activities and sports. These amazing dogs are always up to a new adventure. You won’t believe your eyes what they are able and ready to do for their best friend.

French Bulldog


Their big personality makes them impressive. Their face won’t give you any reason to feel emotional about it, but they are friendly and lovable.

This dog breed has a little bit of stubborn personality.

Siberian Husky


The cold weather is perfect for the husky. They are sled dogs after all. These wolf-alike dogs are very dependable and good-natured. Every Husky has a dominant and bullish personality.

Golden Retriever


The most passionate and charismatic dog on this list. They don’t feel afraid to stand up for the people who love them. Goldens live for social connections with others and act overprotective in some cases.

Tibetan Mastiff


If you want a charismatic, gigantic, and confident dog, these furry creatures are what you’ve been searching for.

They love challenges and are brilliant. However, they are hard to train and don’t want to hear commands.

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What is your personality and what’s the dog that suits you the most?

Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. Particularly with those who want to adopt a dog.

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