A Chart That Will Help You Finally Understand Your Dog

Sometimes dogs can be really secretive. You know what I’m saying?

They do something that seems illogical to us. Every dog’s movement means something.

Like humans, dogs also have their own way of communicating with each other.

If you want to understand what they mean by that strange noise, you need to listen closely and relate to it.

All those “happy” movements could mean something else. They could appear because of nervousness, aggression, or apprehension.

This chart reveals everything you didn’t know about them. It will answer every question you have about their personality.

Here is how you can read your dog’s behaviors:


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Does this make things clear?

Try this new approach with your dog. See how it responds when you finally understand what it wants to do.

Any of your friends have dogs? – Share this with them. This is really helpful.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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