Mommy & Me Style: 9 Ideas To Match With Your Daughter Like A Pro

Wearing identical mom and daughter clothes is one of the cutest ways to show the cute bond you share with your princess. However, matching outfits doesn’t mean being dressed up exactly the same way. Instead, you can just match prints, colors, shapes, or elements of your dresses with your mini-me to make a cute twinning outfit. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up some awesome ideas for mother-daughter duo dressing that can stun people around you and create a charismatic look for your party wear.

9 Matching Outfit Ideas for Mommy and Mini-me

Match Patterns and Prints 

Twirling in dresses with similar prints or patterns is the best way to synchronize with your little one. It’s not necessary to make similar dresses as the cute prints will compliment you both your way. You can opt for a maxi, while your daughter can wear a dress of her choice. You can wear a shirt with colored patterns and pair it with plain trousers or vice versa as per your liking. You may even opt for animal prints or floral prints to create a striking duo. The most important thing is your princess’ happiness which she can feel by wearing the same prints or style as yours. 

Match the Color Scheme  

Choosing outfits that fit well in the color scheme is the best-tried method to pair up with your mini-me. Select the hues that sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel and are similar. It will help you wear similar dresses without making you look visually unified. Blue, green, and purple are close to each other on the wheel, so you may choose them to make a cute matching outfit. 

Go for Similar Tracksuits 

What could be better than you and your little one wearing the same tracksuit when out for a walk or at the gym for a workout? If you are a gym freak and accompany your tween with you, then grab some matching tracksuits for you and your daughter. These tracksuits or gym wear will get a lot of attention and may inspire many out there. 

Matching Coordinated Dresses 

If you are looking for something trendy while matching your outfit with your daughter, be innovative with your dressing. While monotones look like a good idea, it’s quite outdated. Without a second thought, go for coordinated dresses instead of single-colored outfits. You can choose a pair of similar jeans and go for a white top or some other vibrant and cute shirt that fits well with your jeans.  

Twinning Swimsuits

Summers are all about beaches, pools, and waterparks. This is the right time to flaunt your matching swimsuits with your daughter. Various online websites sell adorable mommy and mini-me swimwear that fit all body types or you may find one from a local store. There are so many color combinations and beautiful patterns for you to choose from, such as solid color one-piece swimsuits, floral bikini tops, and more. 

Wear your Favorite Pet Prints 

If you have a pet, there is no way your princess won’t be head over heels for it. The best way to boast about this bond is to print it over some tees or casual shirts. It will give her some extra ounce of entertainment and make her feel that you acknowledge her affection for the pet. You can go for a pair of jeans complementing your top, and your tween can wear a skirt or shorts that amuse her. 

Accessorize the Outfits 

Even when you are not wearing something identical, you can make your outfit look cute and trendy by accessorizing it with unique things. You can choose some beanies for winter or hats for summer. You can also get some fuzzy footwear that goes well with your dresses, like EMU boots or funky slippers, to rock your everyday look. You can pair up your dresses with cute little bows in your hair or some cute clips and scrunchies. 

Disney World Duo

Every girl loves Disney, even the mothers. It’s like a dream come true whenever they get anything related to their favorite character or Disney princesses. So if you are eager to match a dress with your little one, you can customize a dress with Disney characters on it. For this purpose, buy new duo dresses for mommy and daughter matching exactly the same way as her favorite princess. 

Matching Customized Tees

Get customized tees with fun quotes and phrases to cherish the bond you share with your princess. You can get tees in solid colors with fun prints like your names, your favorite quotes, your pictures, or fun text such as ‘first my mother/daughter, forever my friend’, ‘mother of a princess/daughter of a queen’, and more. Pair the tee with matching jeans or skirts to strike the mommy-daughter duo. 

Photo by Vlada Karpovich: Pexels