How to find magic, mystery, and meaning in your everyday life

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner. Kids will start summer vacation soon. Moms everywhere will find their everyday routines flipped upside down while the kids are out of school. How can hardworking moms cope during the dog days of summer, especially when the pandemic is still having an ongoing and mostly negative effect on our daily schedules and plans. How can we continue to find meaning in our our everyday lives?  We must search for mystery and magic every day. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Finding Magic in the Everyday

It takes more than a Magic 8 ball to continually find meaning and inspiration in the day-to-day. If you want to imbue more magic into your life, you must make time every day for dreams, in every sense. When you wake in the morning, try to recall what you were just dreaming about. For some people, this is easy to do. If it is difficult for you, try as hard as you can each morning to recall as much as you can. Keep a dream journal or diary to record the images and thoughts that visited your dreams. Dreams are an important key to unlocking our subconscious. When you keep a dream diary, you may find that certain images are appearing again and again in your dreams. Reflect on these recurring images and try to apply them to your daily life and struggles. You might find an interesting new perspective on your problems and find a way through negative emotions and feelings.

Spend time thinking about your dreams

In addition to reflecting on your nightly dreams, also spend time each day thinking about your actual dreams and goals you have for your life. While it can sometimes feel like you are doing nothing just thinking about your dreams, spending time focusing your thoughts and energy, even if just for a few minutes each day, is an important part of manifesting your dreams into a reality. Do not give up on your dreams! Keep them with you every day and welcome them the way you would a good old friend. You will feel the magic start to creep back into your life.

Get outside and get some fresh air

Getting outside is another important part of discovering more magic in your life and existence. The natural world is full of more magic than we can ever know. It has been difficult for many women during the pandemic to find time to get outside, but getting out of the house is important to feeling a sense of freedom. Spend at least a half an hour each day outside in nature exercising or even just breathing in the fresh air. Reflect and meditate on the complex ecosystems that are alive outdoors and the many different types of life that surround us and live among us in nature. You will be inspired and over time will see magic in these simple yet vibrant life forms that live alongside of us everyday.

Get hands-on with a new hobby

<p>In addition to spending more time in nature, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Don’t be afraid to get involved. This could mean anything from trying a new difficult cooking project to enrolling in a pottery class. Getting your hands dirty is symbolic and can help us dig in and really get more involved and active in our own lives. Have you always dreamed of having a rose garden? Get out there and start planting this spring! It is not too late. Many mental health experts have espoused the healing aspects and overall importance of getting involved in a new hands-on hobby or activity. Dedicate yourself to a new pursuit this summer vacation to get back in touch with the magic!

Reconnect with your inner child

Moms can often find themselves feeling overwhelmed taking care of all of the chores and responsibilities that come with motherhood. Over time, it can be very easy to lose sight of the magic of being a mother and become too weighed down with all of the tasks that must be completed every day: laundry, washing the dishes, making dinner, cleaning up around the house, etc. Make a plan to spend some time every day talking to your children, playing with them and trying to learn more about them. You will find meaning and magic connecting with your children and learning more about their true identities and the people they are destined to become. You will be inspired and find happiness knowing the role you have played in developing them into the people they are already slowly becoming every day. If you’re not a mother, that is OK too. Even just trying to tap into your inner child can work wonders for renewing your own youthful energy and spirit.

Point your chin towards the sky

While it might sound silly at first, even just putting your chin up and looking at the sky can help you reconnect to the magic and mystery of the world we live in. Having confidence and meeting the day ahead of us with strength and optimism can change your whole outlook on life and make you feel more capable, important and in charge of your own life. Look at the sky: whether the sun is shining or the night is full of stars, the sky is one of the most beautiful things that are lucky enough to be able to see every day, no matter where we live. Spend a moment or two each day taking a breath and looking at the sky, taking in and reflecting on all of its beauty, mystery and wonder.

As you can see, there are so many simple and meaningful ways to reconnect with the magic and mystery of life. It is easy to get bogged down in our everyday routines and responsibilities, but no matter who you are it is always a good idea to try to keep in touch with what is really important to you. No matter what your magic is, we hope you will reach out and have no trouble finding it every day.