A Woman Wanted to see What Will Happen If She Eats Nothing but Bananas for 12 Days. Here is the Result!

Wow… from one woman to another, bravo Yulia for doing this experiment and reaching amazing results! There is no question about the healthiness of the banana, but this experiment could resolve even the deepest doubt. Let’s talk about the results a little bit later. First, please welcome Yulia Tarabath, a nutritionist and motivational coach. What’s … Read more

Top 23 Delicious High Protein Foods you Should Consider for Your Healthy Diet

The summer vacation is over (not yet, but will be in several days) and it’s time to get back to work! It was really hard to follow your daily healthy routine through the vacation, but don’t worry. Everything will be just fine as soon as you get back on the right track. How? Just do … Read more

Clear Your Body of All kinds of Toxins With One Glass of this Drink

You know your body is full of toxins especially when you notice strange reactions of your body. If you feel lack of energy, suffer from colds or even some sorts of infections your body needs cleaning. I’m not talking about taking a bath, I’m talking about inner cleaning. Just before those microorganisms and bacteria attack, … Read more