How to Perform the Japanese Breathing Method and Lose Fat

According to the inventor of this Japanese breathing method, Miki Ryosuke, this approach is efficient and will help you lose fat.

It’s something he’s been developing for years and something that helped him lose fat.

Everything starts when the famous Japanese actor, Miki Ryosuke, experiences back pain. He did a few exercises each day to relieve this pain.

After performing these exercises for a few weeks, he was able to lose 28.7 pounds and 4.7 inches from his waist. He refers to this technique as the “long-breath” diet.

You just stand in position, take a three-second breath and exhale it for seven seconds.

I’m skeptic for this technique, but maybe it helps because it already has a record of helping some other people.

Does it Work?

Japanese Breathing Method

According to Marcelle Pick, an Obstetrics/Gynecology Nurse Practitioner:

“Though not a substitute for exercise, it’s a great first step for women just beginning an exercise plan, and deep breathing enhances the benefits of any form of exercise.”

She gave this view for Medical Daily.

Deep breathing exercises will give your body more oxygen. After this, the oxygen proceeds into absorbing the nutrients and helps the body to get rid of the toxins effectively. This process leads to weight loss.

There is even a research provided by the Hampton University. The results say that a combination of yoga and deep breathing exercises did help overweight teens lose fat.

60 high school teenagers were divided into two smaller groups.

The first group went with 40 minutes of yoga and deep breathing exercises for four times a week for 12 weeks.

The second group was keeping their regular routine.

Researchers found that the first group lost an average body weight of 6 pounds with no calorie restrictions.

Now I have higher hopes about this method because Yoga is involved.

How to Perform the Japanese Breathing Method?

  1. Stand with one leg forward and the other back
  2. Strain your glute muscles whole slowly transferring your weight to the back foot
  3. Inhale for 3 seconds while lifting the arms above your head
  4. Exhale carefully for 7 seconds, while straining your body muscles

You need to perform this Japanese breathing method for 2-10 minutes every day.

Here is a video of the How-To:

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Source: David Wolfe

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