What’s the Hidden Meaning of your Birthstone?

I was reading the newspaper this morning. There was some interesting news about what’s going on with the world today.

Yes. I’m still an old-school person. I read newspapers. That’s my 10-minute morning ritual while I’m enjoying my smoothie.

That’s when my daughter came. She said to me to throw that piece of paper I was holding in my hands. She was vividly frustrated. 

When I asked her why, she mentioned something about her zodiac saying she will have a bad day.

This was funny to me, but some people really believe in these things.

So, don’t worry I won’t write the daily zodiac here, I found something that will satisfy their hunger. And it’s different than the zodiac.

It has been a while since I shared something like this with you.

Do you wear a birthstone?

This time, I found this. What the birthstone says about you. What it means and why people wear it.

If we look back thousands of years when the birthstones showed up, we’ll see they are associated with mystery and belief.

The ancient Indians have been wearing them to gain a certain power from it. They were wearing it for protection.

Others believed that each month has its own power.

This is a really interesting story and you will find it amusing. At least I did.

Here are the birthstones and their meanings month by month.

January: Garnet

This birthstone can be found in all colors except blue. It’s believed that protects you from snakebites and nightmares.

By wearing this stone, you are increasing your self-esteem, power, and energy levels.

If you are nervous, it will calm you down.

Garnet also features faith, love, and constancy.

February: The Purple Amethyst

People wear this stone because they believe it protects them from the darkness. I’ve noticed a neighbor here wearing it.

I always thought it’s something connected with belief. I was right.

The stone is connected with peace, temperance, royalty and serenity.

March: Pale Blue Aquamarine Gemstones

These stones are associated with good health. People wearing it will be fulfilled with hope, love and youth.

It builds courage, gives the needed boost for love and improves happiness.

April: Diamonds

You know how they say: Diamonds are forever. They come in several colors and are associated with eternity, love, and invincibility.

That’s what diamonds do.

May: Green Emeralds

These astonishing stones are hiding health, faithfulness, fertility, and improved eyesight.

There are people who wear it as a fashion accessory and don’t know the true meaning of it.

June: The Cool Pearls or Moonstones

It’s believed that these stones are all about protecting the marriage. People who wear it enjoy a happy and calm relationship.

They are available in few colors you can choose from.

July: Red Rubies

The tokens of peace and harmony. They are absolutely stunning.

August: Light Green Peridot

The sparkling birthstone that will keep you away from evil, depression, and enchantments.

September: Sapphires

People who wear sapphires are loyal. At least this is what sapphires do for them.

Sapphires are giving them full strength to be loyal, full with dignity, faith, wisdom, and purity.

October: Opals

These stones are linked with hope, creativity, and innocence. People who wear it believe the stone will keep them away from people with bad intentions.

November: Yellow Topaz and Citrine

These stones are connected with healing. They have the power to heal the body and mind. They provide good mental health.

December: Tanzanite, Turquoise, and Blue Topaz (Zircon)

All of them are linked with a happy life. People who wear them believe the stones will make sure they are fulfilled and happy.

These stones also have the power to prevent and cure headaches. What’s more, the turquoise has the ability to change color when you are not feeling so great or you’re in danger.

Well, I don’t know. This is what the ancient people believed. I haven’t seen anything like this and I haven’t felt the need to wear one.

However, there are people who are closely attached to them. It was nice to know what were the beliefs of the ancient people.

If this is not interesting for you, it might at least become a nice bedtime story for your kids.

Do you know someone who wears one, but doesn’t know the meaning of it? – Share it with them!

I want to know your opinion on these birthstones.

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