Benefits of Seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

If you are worried about aging or have general enhancements you want to make to your face, consider seeing a board certified plastic surgeon. There are many procedures a facial plastic surgeon can perform to make you feel like your best self.


A rhinoplasty is more commonly known as a nose job. Since our noses are so prominent on our faces, some people may feel self-conscious about theirs. Rhinoplasty can adjust the size of one’s nostrils, remove any humps, and it can actually help fix breathing problems. 

It is one of the hardest facial surgeries to perform, which is why seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary. You should go to someone you trust to perform any procedure on your face. Open rhinoplasty is one where an external cut is made, and a closed rhinoplasty would feature internal cuts. Before your procedure, the surgeon should go over his or her plans with you. You can also ask for an estimated rendering of what you will look like after the procedure.

About one week after surgery, the surgeon will remove your nasal splint. In two to four weeks swelling will reduce and patients can see the actual results of the rhinoplasty. 


Otherwise known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can help you avoid or improve facial puffiness, sagging skin, and drooping eyelids. It is recommended that if someone is considering a facelift (which we will discuss soon), they also think about getting an eyelift. Of course, a blepharoplasty won’t make all of your problems disappear. Finer lines won’t just go away, but if you do chemical peels and other skin treatments along with eyelid surgery, you can greatly lessen their appearance. 

All of this contributes to getting a more youthful look. The eyes can be the most captivating part of the face, but they, unfortunately, show signs of aging before any other part. If you want to look younger and more energized, an eye lift or some kind of eyelid surgery may be good for you. Think about how you look when you wear concealer under your eyes. You likely look more vibrant. If you could achieve that look permanently with surgery, would you? There are many skilled board-certified plastic surgeons that focus on facial surgery who would do a great job.

Face Lift

A face lift is one of the most well-known plastic surgeries. Many people get them from celebrities to your own coworkers! Some advanced surgeons, such as Dr. Dayan in Chicago, can perform a “mini” facelift. Let’s look at the difference between a traditional facelift and mini facelift.

Traditional Facelift

  • Surgery Duration — three to four hours
  • Recovery Time — full recovery takes four weeks, and you should expect to take one week to ten days off from work and other daily duties
  • Result Longevity — results are visible for at least ten years
  • Candidates Best Suited — people aged 40 and up

Mini Facelift

  • Surgery Duration — one to two hours
  • Recovery Time — take about three to five days off from your daily duties, and you will notice the swelling fully go away in two to three weeks
  • Result Longevity — results are visible for five to seven years
  • Candidates Best Suited — people between the ages of 40 and 50

You and your surgeon can discuss the criteria and decide which procedure is best for you. A mini facelift cuts the duration and recovery time in half while still delivering visible results for five to seven years. If you want the results to last longer, then a traditional facelift is right for you.

Buccal Fat Removal

If you have a round face and are self-conscious about it, you should research buccal fat removal (otherwise known as facial sculpting. The procedure is meant to contour your face, leaving you with more defined cheekbones and a sharper jawline. Overall, it will improve your side profile. If you are still self-conscious about your side profile after buccal fat removal, you can look into getting a rhinoplasty (which was touched on earlier in the article). 

This surgery removes the buccal fat pads located under your cheeks, the size of which are determined by genetics. If you really want to enhance them, you will have to take a serious look at this procedure. 


  1. Consultation — Meet with a trusted surgeon to go over your options
  2. Numbing — If you are medically able to receive anesthesia, the doctor will numb your tissues with general anesthesia
  3. Surgery — The entire process takes about half an hour. The doctor will make small incisions inside your mouth and gently remove your buccal fat pads. After this is done, the doctor will use stitches on the inside of your mouth. There will be no visible scars after the procedure since all the healing has to happen internally.
  4. Recovery — Talk to your doctor about recovery precautions such as a special mouthwash and a soft-food diet. You will see the final results several months after the surgery.


If you are curious about plastic surgery, there are many options available to you. Sure, you could look for information on the internet and make your decision only on that. However, there are many qualified plastic surgeons available for consultations. These consultations come with many benefits: developing a relationship with the surgeon, seeing the facilities, getting to see rendered images, and hearing testimonials. Make sure you are going to someone you trust.

Many people consider getting facial plastic surgery because of their insecurities. If there is something you can do to gain more confidence in yourself, you should do it. Increased confidence leads to increased satisfaction both professionally and personally. Once you become more confident, you will notice a difference in how you treat yourself and how others treat you. Some procedures are more invasive than others, and you should only do things that you are comfortable with. Having a trusted and experienced surgeon can take away some of the nerves that are natural when you are about to have surgery.

You should do your own research and consult with trusted facial oral surgeons, like Dr. Dayan in Chicago.

Photo by Philippe Spitalier

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