Tips for Getting Rid of Baggy Eyes

If you are trying to get rid of baggy eyes, there are some things you need to know. First off, it’s essential to understand that your skin’s health is often indicative of your overall body’s health. That’s important to keep in mind because, while there are some high-quality skincare products out there (like those from Disco) that do an excellent job of hiding imperfections like baggy eyes, you also want to do your best to treat underlying causes of bad skin. These can include some of the items in this article.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

It’s not just your mother who knows about the importance of sleep. Doctors and the medical community, in general, are appreciating the value of sleep more every year as additional research piles on showing that sleep impacts not just how rested we feel but also our cognitive abilities, cardiovascular health, athletic performance, mood, and much more. The mood is something that’s is significantly linked to sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can impact the chemicals released in your brain and put you in a worse mood. Additionally, not getting enough sleep plays a role in the appearance of your skin. When you get enough sleep, your skin will appear firmer, more hydrated, and generally less dull.

To Much Partying

Whether it is smoking, drinking, or otherwise, recreational substances can worsen your skin’s appearance. This, in part, is because recreational substances are typically used at night and often go hand-in-hand with not getting enough sleep. However, alcohol has the added negative characteristic of (usually) being loaded with sugar, carbs, and other elements that are not suitable for your skin. If you want to look your best, consider cutting down on the partying or, at the least, moderating how much you drink and then doing your best to stay hydrated and get a good night’s sleep when you get home.

Too Much Salt

While salt is an essential part of human life, too much salt can be a bad thing. It can negatively impact how your skin looks and make you carry excess water, bloat your skin.


Allergies can, among other things, make your skin sag and not look as good as it usually would. If you are suffering from allergies, don’t be surprised if your skin takes a hit as well.


Good ole’ father time. To some degree, there is nothing you can do about aging. What you can do, however, relates to having a good diet, exercise, sleeping enough, staying hydrated, and, of course, using the best possible skincare products.


There you have it, five of the biggest causes of baggy eyes, from not enough sleep to simple aging. Take care of your body, and your skin, in most cases, will take care of itself. Other than that, to take your skin’s appearance to the next level, check out products like moisturizers, face scrubs, and more from Disco.