‘Athenix Gives Back’ Program Donates Free Cosmetic Surgery to Deserving Individuals

Athenix Body Sculpting Institute, a prominent cosmetic surgery and body sculpting practice with five locations across the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, says it has plans to relaunch its “Athenix Gives Back” program, which donates aesthetic services to a deserving individual, by year-end. The institute, which offers a wide range of cosmetic, sculpting, and weight-loss procedures, chooses someone each year to receive a complimentary surgical procedure of their choosing. The person who nominated the chosen recipient also receives a consultation and procedure.

In 2021, the Athenix Gives Back recipient was nominated by a friend after losing over 130 pounds to improve her health and become a more active parent. However, the weight loss left her with folds of excess skin. As the nominee, Kayla Kelley was treated to a loose-skin removal procedure, which removed 15 pounds of excess loose skin around her waistline. The procedure was a tremendous success. Amanda, the friend who nominated Kayla, also received a mommy makeover.

“Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to have an awakening,” says thankful mom Kelley. “I’m humbled and grateful to Athenix Body Sculpting Institute for the opportunity to reshape my future.”

Why Athenix Gives Back

One factor in establishing the Athenix Gives Back program was the increasing prevalence of social media and its potentially damaging effects on self-esteem and body image, particularly for women and teens. The Athenix team noticed many visitors to the institute’s website commented on patients’ before and after photos. These women often lamented they might never have similar procedures because of financial difficulties.

According to Athenix CEO James Haefner, “Reading the comments from deserving women who wanted to transform their lives physically was an eye-opener. For most of these women, it wasn’t about vanity or attention. It was about boosting their self-confidence and improving their mental health by transforming their bodies. These women wanted to look in the mirror and be proud of what they saw, but something was in the way. With the #AthenixGivesBack program, we can give these women the chance to look in the mirror and be proud of what they see. Body confidence can lead to confidence in other areas of your life. Over the years, we’ve witnessed incredible changes in patients’ attitudes and confidence. With #AthenixGivesBack, we get to share that experience with deserving women.”

Athenix Leads the Way in Body Sculpting and Cosmetic Surgery

The aesthetic surgeons at Athenix use innovative procedures under strictly controlled conditions to provide safe and effective cosmetic surgery and body sculpting at their locations in Seattle, Washington;  Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles; Orange County; and Fresno, California. Among the services offered at Athenix are cosmetic surgery, body contouring, and noninvasive aesthetic procedures. Popular procedures include breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, excess skin removal, and liposuction.

Exceptional Safety

Athenix has an exemplary safety record focused on the health and well-being of every patient. An initial consultation helps patients explore their options and set realistic expectations. The surgeons at Athenix have developed and used innovative techniques that result in a reduced need for pain medications and improved recovery times. Every Athenix facility has been recently constructed, and all are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Nominating a Deserving Woman for ‘Athenix Gives Back’

Although Athenix Body Sculpting Institute is not currently running the campaign (the practice says they will bring it back later in 2022), in years past the practice has encouraged patients to nominate a special person by submitting their story in 50 words or less on its Instagram account, @AthenixBody.

Patients can post a photo or video on Instagram, or share a custom link to encourage others to vote for the nominee. Athenix says creativity and messages of empowerment have helped the practice select the lucky finalist. The person nominating the recipient will also receive a complimentary consultation and procedure to address their own trouble spots.

CEO Haefner says, “We welcome nominations from all walks of life. In today’s world, it’s undeniable that appearance is important. Unfortunately, there are so many inspiring individuals out there who are wonderful people but lack confidence because of how they look. With the #AthenixGivesBack program, we can give not one but two people a transformative experience that will give them a new perspective on themselves.” You can look forward to submitting nominees for this amazing opportunity later in the year.

Athenix Body Sculpting Institute is staffed by board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, gastroenterologists, and health care professionals. Athenix has been featured in People magazine and on Access Hollywood and The Doctors. Its website offers resources and information for prospective and current patients.

Photo by philippe spitalier on Unsplash