5 Best Places To Visit In Germany

Looking for an amazing adventure to get ready for in 2023? With the world as your oyster, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times to try and choose where to go. But one country in particular really sticks out in mind – and that is Germany.

Perhaps one of the most forward-thinking, innovative and romantic countries in all of Europe is Germany. They have managed to preserve the old, embrace the new and combine nature with culture in the most beautiful way.

From fairytale castles to fun beer gardens and packed soccer arenas, there is no shortage of activities to do in Germany. But when it comes to plotting out what exactly you want to do in Germany, you should plan the cities you want to visit ahead of time. This is because the country is big – and you will want enough time in each place to truly experience the magic of that city.

That is why we have rounded up all the best places to explore in Germany – from the northern cities like Berlin to the fairytale castle capital of Munich.

1. Berlin

It’s crazy to think how quickly this city has evolved. It hasn’t even really been three full decades since the Berlin Wall fell in the capital of Germany. But now that it has, Berlin is one of the trendiest and hippest places to explore. There really is no other place quite like it – from being able to tour Prussian palaces and bunkers from World War !! to then dancing the night away in Europe’s most popular techno dance hall.

Berlin is the perfect place to visit for history buffs, artists, music lovers and the general wanderlust soul. Plus, the vibrancy of the city makes for some incredible photography opportunities – with graffiti walls, heritage buildings and stunning castles.

With so much to see in this cool German city, don’t forget to also check for luggage storage in Berlin so that you can safely put away your bags and you don’t have to drag them all over the city.

2. Munich

While Berlin is certainly one of the trendiest places to explore, we can’t forget about the heart of Germany – Munich. This Bavarian city has it all – Oktoberfest, beautiful gardens, lively culture and an incredible public transportation system.

You could easily spend a whole week in Munich simply going to all the various beer gardens. After all, this city is world-famous for its beer. But the city is so much more than just that.

It also has an incredible park that is best compared to Central Park. Located in the middle of the city, it allows you to escape into nature and have an afternoon picnic in the grass. This park also has a river that flows directly down the middle, where you can lounge in tubes or even try wave surfing.

But what makes Munich such a great place to visit is also the incredible day trips you can take. You can visit the actual castle that inspired Sleeping Beauty from Disney. You can also easily hop on a train and visit Salzburg, Austria for the day.

With so much to do and see in Munich, you will want at least a week here to properly explore.

3. Frankfurt

While this city is known more for the corporate bank scenes, it is equally a wonderful city in Germany to visit. You get the best of both worlds here – a little bit of grunge from Berlin and a little bit of the beer garden scene from Munich.

Frankfurt is also one of the best airports to fly into, so can be a great starting point for your Germany adventure.

4. Rothenburg Ob der Tauber

Of all the amazing places to visit in Germany, going to this fairytale village is an absolute must. With cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and a fortress wall surrounding it, you will feel like you have walked back in time. Spend the day learning about what life used to be like here in the medieval days. And witness for yourself why American generals ordered this city to not be harmed during the takeover of Germany during World War Two, as it is simply to beautiful to be destroyed.

5. Nuremberg

If you love Christmas, then visiting Nuremberg in the winter is one of the best things to do in Germany. The city is very well known for its Christmas markets, which take place in the old town of the city. With vendors lined all along the fortress walls, you can sip mulled wine and shop for nutcrackers and ornaments. It is an incredible experience that can really only be had here.


Germany is a must-visit city for next year. These five cities all offer unique experiences and are amongst some of the best places to go in the country.

Photo by Ingo Joseph: Pexels