How to Host the Ultimate Christmas Party

There are a lot of different things that people are looking forward to this holiday season. And one of the big ones is the return of Christmas parties.

With the majority of them being canceled last year, there is something extra special about the chance to reunite with yuletide joy at a Christmas party this year amongst family and friends.

If you are someone that is considering getting the gang back together for the ultimate Christmas party, we want to help Because as festive and exciting as it will be, there will also be a lot of prep work involved. And the last thing you should feel is stress.

The whole point of throwing a Christmas party is to enjoy the people you care about the most, all being in one place and in great spirits. So we are here to help with everything there is to consider when preparing for hosting the best Christmas party of the season.

From music selection to theming and catering, we’ve rounded up all the checklist items to run through before you start greeting your guests at the door. You’ll realize with our how-to guide that hosting a Christmas party is easier than you might think and that there is no need to become a grinch over it. Instead, you too can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities with those you care about the most.

Here are all the top tips for hosting the ultimate Christmas party this year.

1. Create the ultimate Christmas playlist

Nothing quite creates an atmosphere as music does. And when it comes to putting people into the Christmas spirit, having the ultimate Christmas playlist can really do the trick. From the classic Christmas carols to the trendy r&b christmas songs that everyone loves to sing along to, your venue should have Christmas music constantly playing.

An affordable way to do this is by either finding a pre-curated Christmas playlist on Spotify or creating your own. And if you really want to up the ante, why not hire a Christmas DJ to manage all the party tunes? That way you too can get out on the dance floor and have fun while someone else manages the music.

2. Give plenty of notice to guests

This year everyone’s social calendars seem to be filling out quite quickly. This is likely because everyone has events to make up for in addition to this year’s new events. So to ensure that all the guests you want to be there can attend, give plenty of notice with the invitations. We recommend at least two to three weeks in advance so that there is still a shot for your event to be marked on their calendars without conflict.

3. Have fun with theming

One way to make your Christmas event stand out and become super memorable is by selecting a Christmas theme and really sticking with it. For example, if you want an elegant Christmas party, then consider going for them with dried flower arrangements and classic Christmas colors that are consistent throughout the candle selection to cocktails. And if you are wanting to make your Christmas party more playful, filling the backyard with snow sleds and festive lights is a great way to set the scene for the evening. Theming for the ultimate Christmas party all comes down to the details and being consistent with it.

4. Make the space make sense

Don’t try to make your event space be something it is not. Whether your Christmas party is taking place at a restaurant or in your home, understand the space before converting it into your event venue. Know what type of furniture you have access to, the flow of which people can enjoy the space, and ensure there is enough room if everyone does show up. And of course, your space will be utilized differently if you are simply hosting outside, combining an indoor and outdoor space, or wanting to get cozy in an indoor venue.

5. Serve up the best

The year is almost over and that calls for a true celebration. So to really impress your guests, make sure to bring out all the stops when it comes to food and drinks. One classic way to do this is by serving the finest appetizers, like Imperia Caviar, and ensuring every guest receives a glass of champagne upon arrival. Trust us, one of the keys to a memorable event is what guests drink and eat—so certainly don’t skimp on this. Other items to consider serving up for your Christmas party include cheese boards, festive salads and Christmas-themed desserts.

6. Plan for more rather than less

When it comes to preparing your food and beverage order, always try to over-order. There is nothing more depressing than running out of food or drinks halfway through a party, so it is best to always have leftovers. If you really do order too much, then you can either give any leftover items as gifts for the guests as they depart, keep them for your next party if they aren’t perishable or donate to a local community center.

7. Prepare in advance

As we mentioned at the start, this is your party to enjoy too. So don’t leave things too last minute and definitely take advantage of help when it is offered. IF you are wanting to look after cooking the majority of the food yourself, give yourself plenty of time—even days—in advance to prep and get everything sorted. Or, you can consider hiring a local catering team who can plan and prep everything so that you don’t have anything to worry about.

Make sure to also show up at your event space nice and early, as while there are always late stragglers to every event there are also those guests who show up early or exactly at the start time.

8. Create a run sheet

If you want to ensure that there is never a dull moment at your Christmas party, then consider creating a run sheet. That way you can pre-plan for when guests will arrive when food and drinks will be served when games such as Secret Santa will be played and any other happening you want to take place at your event. This way there will be general guidance for the evening that helps it all run smoothly and help be a reference point for you in the heat of the moment. While you can not always plan for every little detail, having a general idea of how the evening will take place will help you feel in control and any help you have hired feels up to speed with what is happening as well.

9. Have fun yourself

Another important thing to remember, if not the most important thing to remember, is to have fun at your own party. You have likely put a lot of time, money, and resources into planning the ultimate holiday festivities and it is important that you remember to take a step back, have a glass of champagne yourself, and enjoy the yuletide cheer that you had a direct role in creating.

With these nine tips and tricks, you are sure to be able to host the best Christmas party in town and have a blast doing so along the way as well.