4 Primary Benefits of Switching to Community Solar

Solar power is becoming an incredibly popular energy source for powering homes.

Community solar is an alternative option for accessing solar power that offers increased advantages and accessibility. Learn about community solar to understand whether it’s the perfect energy solution for your home.

Here are the 4 primary benefits of switching to community solar:

What is Community Solar?

Community solar refers to a group of people sharing electricity generated by harnessing solar power. Other names for community solar include shared solar, energy sharing, and solar farms or gardens.

Understanding the production of solar power is important for comprehending community solar developments. Solar power is created by capturing sunlight with solar panels and converting it into usable electricity through photovoltaic technology.

Solar farms are generally created by a utility company, government organization, or private business, which installs numerous solar panels in a specific community. Electricity generated by the solar panels is delivered to the power grid and distributed by the utility company to local homes and businesses.

Members of the community are offered the opportunity to lease energy from the solar farm by purchasing a share of the project.

Learn more about shared solar and the amazing benefits by reading a community solar guide.

Immense Savings

Participate in community solar to receive immense savings.

Community solar allows you to bypass the expensive installation costs of residential solar power systems. A solar power system for an average homeowner costs anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 depending on location and system size. Participants of community solar can typically expect zero upfront costs and fees, meaning you avoid a major investment.

Additionally, shared solar significantly reduces your monthly expenses and offers guaranteed savings of at least 10% on utility bills.

The billing system utilized for community solar is known as virtual net metering. You’ll continue to receive an electric bill from the utility company; however, as a community solar member, the energy produced by your share of solar panels will appear on your bill as credits. Credits earned are subtracted from your electric total to reveal a new, inexpensive amount.

Avoid installation costs and reduce your monthly expenses by joining community solar.

Environmental Impact

Community solar is incredibly beneficial for the environment.

Traditional forms of electricity, specifically fossil fuels, emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere, resulting in increased pollution and global warming. Fossil fuels are also finite, meaning the supply gradually diminishes until it will eventually run out.

Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source that’s safe for the environment and sustainable for the future. Eco-friendly benefits of solar power include:

  • Limiting the number of harmful gases released into the atmosphere
  • Reducing the amount of pollution that lead to poor water and air quality
  • Improving public health by creating a cleaner environment
  • Diversifying the energy supply to discourage fuel dependency

Community solar provides the excellent benefits of solar power on a larger scale to advance the fight against climate change and create a cleaner planet.

Understand the environmental advantages of solar power to make a meaningful change towards a better world for future generations.

Increased Accessibility

Community solar successfully increases the accessibility of solar power.

Installing a residential solar power system is an unavailable option for the majority of people. Community solar solves the issues by offering solar power regardless of your living situation, including renters, imperfect rooftop conditions, or unaffordable installation costs.

Community solar developments are growing across the United States to offer more people the chance to go solar. Projects are now located in 39 states and supportive policies for community solar exist in 20 states, meaning the number of projects will continue to increase.

Anyone can switch to solar power by joining community solar.

Easy to Enroll

Participate in community solar by completing the easy enrollment process.

Residential solar power systems require a burdensome and lengthy installation process whereas receiving solar power through community solar is as simple as searching for a local opportunity and subscribing to the service.

Reap the financial and environmental advantages of solar power by enrolling in community solar.

Switch to community solar to receive these 4 primary and amazing benefits.

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