What Are The Different Types Of Solar Energy Inverter

Solar power has gained ground over the years since it is cost-effective. It also comes with Eco-friendly green energy, making it widely used globally. To harness power from sunlight, you need solar panels that utilize a solar inverter. It makes the process of powering up your appliances seamless and painless. A solar inverter works by converting the direct current (DC) from the solar panels to alternating current or AC. Solar inverters come in arrays of varieties; read on to know more.

Battery Inverter

It optimizes a battery to supply energy from the solar system to the utility grid of your inclination. An inverter that is battery-based functions, ideally when it is not in-built. It means that it is better when it is separate from the solar panels. How does it work? The inverter changes the power from the battery into AC of different volts depending on the capacity you are using. An onboard charger is essential for the current to reach the grid.


As the name implies, the inverter is attached to a grid, which can store energy that you are not using at the moment. During summer, you can harvest surplus solar power and feed it to a utility grid. The inverter works hand in hand with an advanced type of technology prominently known as a sine wave. It is a safety measure that when there is a power outage, it goes off automatically. This way, when the power comes back on, it will not damage your devices and appliances.

Stand Alone

Typically, the inverter got its name stand alone since it is not connected to a solar panel. It works independently by receiving direct current from a battery-powered by photovoltaic the rays. Additionally, the inverter can obtain energy from wind turbines, hydro turbines, and engine generators. A stand-alone inverter is utterly distinct from the grid. Gem Energy Cairns Solar Power has this inverter with stand out specifications. It is of top-notch standard due to its durability and extended warranty. 

String Inverter

As the name suggests, it employs the use of strings in its performance. Each strand is responsible for transferring the direct current to the inverter that turns it to AC. It is eminently used in residential areas to supply power. You can choose to place it indoors or outdoors at your convenience. If the inverter is in your garage, you need to free up some space around it. This way, it cannot overheat, causing damage to the machine. Placing it outside will work, but it shouldn’t be directly under the scorching sun. 


The inverter is connected to a solar panel so that it can perform and meet all your electricity needs. Panels have their inverters; hence, they won’t compete for power. A micro-inverter is suitable for a home whose panels experience shade conditions. With the minimal sun rays that reach the solar panels, they can maximize on them. 

Hybrid Inverter

Typically, it can be a blend of battery and string, making it an excellent performer. It will work correctly for you if you require more energy on your appliances. Basically, it is a heavy-duty inverter that will keep you going for months when you store the power. You can install the inverter without a battery, but when the need arises, purchasing one is the solution. 


The inverter is an optimal pick because it can convert the direct current from the panels into AC. The only difference from the other inverters is that it cannot store surplus electricity in a grid. That is where the term off-grid comes from. Some models come with an AC charger that you can link to a generator or charge your battery. The highlight of the inverter is that you are safe from blackouts whose root cause is a grid.

Bottom Line

Consequently, you can choose a solar inverter based on your needs in your abode. If your roof is susceptible to minimal sunlight due to trees, you can opt for the string inverter. If you intend to save massively on costs, then your best one is the grid-tie. Now that you know the various types, you are in a better place to select an ultimate inverter.

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