4 Best and Most Affordable Trees that offer Privacy

Photo by Thirsty Turf Irrigation

Many people who own homes have neighbours that are very close by. Even in the best of circumstances, that can create concern about privacy and snoop. And if you don’t have a great relationship with your neighbour, it’s much worse!

Fortunately, trees can provide privacy in your yard even if you aren’t able to build a privacy fence or find other ways to block out your neighbours. Best of all, trees also offer shade and can help you save money on utility bills.

What are the best and most affordable trees to use for privacy? Here’s what you need to know.

Emerald Cedar

Do you wish you had a beautiful tree that was both tall and wide? An Emerald Cedar is exactly what you’re looking for. These trees grow to as much as 7.5 metres tall and 2.5 metres wide.

If you choose to get these as privacy trees in Mississauga or your local community, be sure to plant them at least one metre from a wall, fence or other trees and shrubs. You want to give them space to flourish!

Tower Poplar

Poplar is a great option for privacy in your home. They sometimes get a bad reputation due to their root system, but the truth is that they don’t break foundations or pipes. They do, however, take advantage of existing cracks, so maintenance and annual scoping are important.

A tower poplar grows in a narrow column, is seedless, and grows quickly, making it an ideal privacy screen with little mess and low maintenance needs. They reach a maximum height of 15-20 metres. You can plant them close together to create a natural privacy barrier.

Wax Myrtle

This olive-green shrub grows a metre every three years and reaches a height of around 6 metres. A shrub gives you the advantage of being wider than most trees and creating more privacy with fewer plants.

You do want to maintain them, though, so they are attractive and don’t look overgrown. If you live in the area, consider hiring hedge trimming in Bradford to keep your shrubs attractive, healthy, and effective.

Dawn Redwood

This low-maintenance shade tree grows almost one metre per year. It has beautiful leaves and will be very attractive in your yard. The Dawn Redwood is a type of Sequoia tree and quickly becomes a large cone-shaped tree that provides excellent shade and privacy.

The needles will change colour in the fall before falling off, so you’ll get beauty from this tree as well. It’s an extremely large tree, so if you choose this make sure you have a very large lot to plant it on. The tree doesn’t do well in dry soil, so consider sprinklers like Augusta Green sprinklers in Toronto. This will keep the soil ideal for a Dawn Redwood.

Pyramidal English Oak

If you have a more narrow space, the Pyramidal English Oak can be a great choice. It grows rapidly and keeps some of its leaves in the winter as well. That means you won’t be left with zero privacy during the colder months.

The height reaches 15 metres, and the spread is 3-5 metres. This beautiful tall tree can give you excellent shade and privacy even if you don’t have a very large space for growing trees.

Get the Privacy You’re Looking For Today!

Trees take time to grow, even fast-growing trees and shrubs like the ones we’ve mentioned here. That means that if you want this natural form of shade and privacy, it’s important to get started right away.

Make sure you know the types of sun and shade you have around your home so you can choose the best place for these sun-loving plants. Then, relax and enjoy your home in private!

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