Sun Protection Factor Explained

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It’s used to relate the specific amount of time that one’s skin takes to turn reddish as compared to the time when no products are used at all. Sun screening tools are used to protect a person from the harmful ultraviolet rays that result in sunburns and long-term effects such as wrinkling and premature aging. The rays that bring about these effects are; UVB and UVA respectively. There are different types of Sunscreen that are used to identify one’s appearance on the skin such as the SPF30 sunscreen. The test of the skin screening is often carried out in the laboratories where an individual determines the time it takes the skin to turn red when products are used and the time when no products are used.

The protection level of one skin is of crucial importance. Achieving the body’s skin level of protection is hard and that’s why every individual should apply the sunscreen liberally every two hours. The people who take their leisure time in the swimming activities are also encouraged to use the same sunscreen after swimming. A study done by the American Academy of Dermatology shows that skin cancer is one of the common skin diseases in the United States. The research outline that five out of five Americans develop skin cancer before the age of 70. Therefore, the regular use and application of sunscreen decrease the chances of a person getting skin cancer.

Protection of an individual person’s skin can be improved by the higher the number of SPF. This is according to a research done by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology where the research outlines that; when SPF 50 was used by a specific group of people on one side of the face and SPF 100 used on the other side, 55% of the individuals were more sunburned on the less protected side. Hence, the regular usage of the sunscreen on one’s body reduces the skin damage from any kind of environmental factors such as the sun.

Chemical and physical sunscreen is occasionally used by different personnel in regard to protecting their skin. The chemical and physical sunscreen works either by absorbing the UV rays light or reflecting them. The chemical sunscreen work by absorbing the UV rays light while the physical sunscreen works best by deflecting any UV rays light from the skin. One of the mere disadvantage of the chemical, sunscreen is that it causes the stinging sensation of a person’s eye due to the octyl methoxycinnamate contained there. Additionally, the use of sunscreen containing some fragrance may also bring about the stinging sensation of one’s eye.

The following is a guide on how to use the SPF sunscreen;

  • Apply sunscreen regularly for better skin protection.
  • Apply the sunscreen liberally for at most 2 hours in a day.
  • Apply the physical sunscreen one hour before going outside in the sun as these blend well with the skin.
  • Ensure you have the oil-free and the water-resistant tools or objects to limit the amount of body sun screening running off one’s body.
  • Check on the expiration date of the SPF sunscreen.
  • Ensure you put on a thick layer of the sunscreen to get the full coverage response of the skin.
  • Apply the same if one has been swimming or one has been exposed for long hours in the sun.

The invention of the sun protection factor has come a long way for centuries. Early, the ancient Egyptians would use the ingredients such as rice, bean, jasmine and lupine as sunscreen. Nowadays, the making of body protection tools has resulted in the use of SPF. The sun protection factor that has been made for better and quicker results id the UV plus anti-pollution sunscreen Broad spectrum 50 multi-protection. The product has been to contain Clarin’s exclusive anti-pollution complex that protects one’s body skin from any harmful pollution. Hence, every individual person is advised to use this product if at one requires immediate results on his or her body skin.

Sun protection factor rates start at two and have been researched to reaching seventy. It measures the sunscreen’s effect against the UVB rays. The amount of time that an individual person spends in the open sun is calculated by the same before the burning effect of skin starts.

People frequently ask the other measures that one can take to provide the necessary skin protection. There are a number of measures that residents and qualified doctors have identified that can help in maintaining one’s skin healthy. The following provides a guide on the extra measures that can be followed;

  • Sitting in the shade; the persons working in the long hours of the day are urged to take much of their time in the shade. This will help reduce the amount of UV rays light burning an individual’s body skin. Hence, this helps reduces the skin damaged by environmental factors.
  • Wearing protective clothing; doctors advise to all persons working in the open air to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. Again, the individuals should wear clothing that has fewer UV rays light effects thereby reducing any king of skin damage that may be caused by the sun.
  • Wearing of hats; for the efficient and effective optimal protection, individuals are advised to wear hats that have tight-knit. This helps offer better and quality skin protection.
  • Regular wear of the sunscreens; Despite the weather conditions that may vary, individuals are urged to regularly apply sunscreen for the protection of their skin.

Quality effectiveness of the skin is everybody’s desire. Therefore, every SPF sunscreen must undergo testing before its displayed to the public. The major three types of SPF testing include the following; SPF static, SPF water-resistant 40 minutes and SPF water-resistant 80 minutes. The manufacturers making this sunscreen are advised to adhere to the tests provided as the tests are conducted with the human subjects.

Lastly, skin protection is at the highest paramount in every individual’s life and that’s why the daily use of the SPF is of crucial importance.






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