Astrology Basics: Your Moon Sign

Are you a Virgo? A Leo? Maybe you’re a Scorpio? Knowing your Sun Sign or sign is just one of pieces of the puzzle to help you understand yourself through Astrology. We all have a birth chart which contains information specific to us. Our birth charts reveal the energy we are born with and give us … Read more

Is Your Friend Secretly Jealous of You?

I remember when it happened to me just like it was yesterday. Someone I considered one of my best friends was revealed to not be a friend at all. One argument unleashed all the hidden jealousy, pent-up negativity and resentment they had towards me and I was in initially in complete shock. After allowing everything to … Read more

You’re Doing It Wrong: Why Some People Have Difficulty Meditating

What do you picture when you hear the word meditation? Complete and total bliss achieved by simply crossing your legs and closing your eyes? A room full of monks moments away from achieving enlightenment? Your super “woke” bestie in Lululemon tights teaching you deep breathing after watching a random YouTube video? The first time I … Read more

4 Ways To Better Relate To Just About Anyone

There’s no getting around it, we have to interact with people whether we want to or not. For some of us, having to interact with co-workers or family members is an incredibly uncomfortable experience since at times they can have unsavory, rude or otherwise negative personalities. Having to deal with them can be flat out … Read more

Scorpio Season: Everything You Need To Know

On October 23rd, 2017 at 1:27 am, the Sun entered the sign of Scorpio and Scorpio Season officially began! Scorpio energy is intense, piercing, passionate, sensual and secretive and has no time for playing games. Those born under this sign take on those characteristics but regardless of what sign you are born under, you too will … Read more

Reduce Anxiety and Stress With These 3 Steps

From time to time, the stress of our daily lives can be so overwhelming that we don’t know what can be done to alleviate it. For people who suffer from anxiety, stress can be extremely difficult to overcome. Whether you’re experiencing stress because of current life events or frequently experience panic attacks and other anxiety … Read more