10 Instagram Trends for 2020

The transformation of Instagram into a semi-social, semi-eCommerce platform for small and large brands is still underway! So let’s discover the 10 Instagram 2020 trends that should grab your attention.

1. The return of the feed? 

You are aware that Instagram continues to hide likes under publications. And if the spread of this measure should still take a little time, it clearly aims to act on social pressure and help unleash creativity by allowing Instagrammers to publish calmly without worrying about the level of public performance of their post (via the number of likes previously displayed). Instagram’s underlying theory regarding this measure, therefore, is to see a renewed interest in newsfeed publications from influencers and brands who only published their best content instead of publishing according to their wishes or the wishes of their audiences. 

2. Authenticity 

A big trend in 2019, authenticity will continue to reign supreme on Instagram in 2020. And brands will also have to seriously tackle the subject if they want to be able to continue to build strong relationships with their subscribers and create a connection with their communities that asks for that. Of course, the place for beautiful and inspiring images remains intact, but they will now have to be supported by a good dose of storytelling.

3. The power of words 

Fully aligned with the quest for authenticity and storytelling, descriptions have a growing impact on the ability of publications to perform because they allow the transmission of powerful messages that help subscribers connect to brands. With performances in terms of engagement superior to posts devoid of words rich in meaning, many are the influencers who now think of the description before thinking of the photo is a much more qualitative and almost journalistic approach.

4. The growing share of micro-influencers

If the trend of influence is not going to disappear, it is rather the type of sought after influencers that will evolve. Indeed, the engagement rates among micro-influencers being much higher than those of big influencers, their interest in the eyes of brands continue to increase with huge Instagram followers and likes base.  

5. The growth of IG Shopping 

In addition to making posts and stories “shoppable” by allowing the identification of products on the content, this feature will finalize the order and, therefore, the payment directly from Instagram without having to leave the application. 

6. User-generated content 

User-generated content will continue to invade news feeds and stories. You shouldn’t miss out on this type of content because other people’s opinions impact the will to buy your future customers. And let’s not lie to ourselves: it’s still a very pleasant and affordable way of marketing.

8. The impact of Tiktok on video content 

Newcomer to the social platforms, Tiktok has set out to really dig his place in the panorama! And one thing is certain; the editing of videos takes a new turn with it. It will naturally impact other networks, including Instagram, both on the IGTV side and on the story side! 

9. Filters in augmented reality

Ah, it’s long gone when the filters Oslo and company revolutionized our shots! Real marketing tools, reality filters should serve brands for popularity but also quickly for commercial purposes.

10. A new type of collaboration that is a hit

Far from being the most technological, this trend nevertheless has the merit of giving a fresh blow to partnerships. If brand-influencer partnerships have hit the mark, it is now partnerships between brands that should flourish in 2020! What if you got started too?

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